Happy Birthday to Pearls of Profundity..

happy second anniversary 1

According to Merriam-Webster: “an·ni·ver·sa·ry,” (in context) The annually recurring date of a past or special event.

Pearlsofprofundity.wordpress.com, ..and/or, my website, (i.e. Blog), ..is two years old today.

Question: A special day? Absolutely, especially since I have actually posted “more Blogs” ..in the last ..(two years), ..than the last two years have had days.

Today’s offering is post number 732, do the math, even with leap year, .. and not posting every day, …

 Up by one 1

..I’m still up by one. 

But enough patting myself on the back, …

 fireworks 1

..this is a Day for celebration!

..and what better way to celebrate, ..than to “air” my favorite peeves?

 Barack Obama - College

Like, ..what happened to “original thought” in America?

Obama lapdogs 1 

Every day, ..from pretty much every media, ..the legends of ignorance and stupidity multiply, ..where is it going to end?

 Lady liberty and the flag 1

A hell-of-a-lot better Question: When is it going to end? The realistic, ..and only answer…

 we the people 9

When “We the People” ..once again come together…

 one nation under God 3

..and finally put an end to condoning avarice, arrogance, and corruption in the men and women that we hire, and/or elect to represent ( us ), ..two definable, ..and “very unique” letters from “our” alphabet, ..that not only represent ( us ), ..”We the People,” ..they also represent the “United States,” ..what use to be the greatest Nation on the planet. 

Think about it, more specifics tomorrow


Crusader Rabbit…

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