Matthew Five:Nine..

Blessed are the peacemakers,..

1st Air Cavalry Brigade ground troops build on advanced skills

..for they shall be called children of God.

sunrise 1a



The Who Farm..


we have a farm 1b

The Who Farm (also known as): The White House Organic Farm Project) began as a non-partisan, …


nonpartisan that's a good one 2a


..petition-based initiative to respectfully request that our 44th President (Mr. Green energy and green spending), ..oversee the planting of an organic farm on the grounds of The White House, our nation’s First Home, at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave, Washington, D.C.

On March 20, 2009, the petition request was honored and First Lady Michelle Obama broke ground on the White House lawn, with the help of over twenty 5th graders from Bancroft Elementary School.


Like the President is really going to deny a petition from his wife and a gaggle of fifth grade kids from a local elementary school to plant a garden, ..anywhere on the planet!

 you will sign my damn petition 1a


While everyone who signed the petition is an honorary “The Who Farmer,” ..(Daniel Bowman Simon) ..and ..(Casey Gustowarow) ..are the primary “The Who Farmers.”

Daniel Bowman Simon, 28, is a graduate of New York University, with a BS in Marketing. He also completed an MBA at University of the Pacific. He holds a Certificate in Conservation Biology from Columbia University, and is in the slow process of completing a Masters in Urban Planning at New York University Wagner School of Public Service. Prior to The Who Farm, Daniel worked for The Gaia Institute and at the New York City Department of Environmental Protection. Daniel was a U.S. Peace Corps Volunteer in the Philippines, working in business development and solid waste management on the island of Bohol, where he lived in a bamboo hut, and became friends with Casey.

Casey Gustowarow, 27, is a graduate of McDaniel College, with a BA in Biology. Prior to The Who Farm, he worked on Ivy Brand Organic Farm in Maryland, and lectured on conservation policy at McDaniel College. Casey was a U.S. Peace Corps Volunteer in the Philippines, working in coastal resource management on the island of Bohol, where he lived in a bamboo hut, and became friends with Daniel.


Not taking anything away from Sir Daniel or Sir Casey, I’m sure that their “adventures” in academia, include the edifying taxpayer sponsored jaunt to the Philippines where they became great buds sharing stories of (their) greatness in (their) bamboo hut, ..but, and although…

I’m sure that both (University cast) young men are more than qualified to cultivate a salad on the White House grounds.

Albeit, one afflicted with a “non-academic” ..(common sense) approach to life, ..even with the (unambiguously overpriced) organically grown vegetables across America these days, would be my uneducated conjecture that a head of lettuce from “The Who Farm” could run a $1000 or more?

Again prefacing my knowledge of agriculture, ..(little, none), ..having once worked as an apprentice in my teens years for a local body shop, ..I can tell you that a vehicle like the “Who Farm Mobile” wasn’t cheap, ..especially when factoring in the fact that it was purchased by “our” impetuous (spend like a drunken sailor) ..commander-in-chief, ..for his voracious (I want what I want when I want it) ..first lady.

the who farm mobile 1

  (The Who Farm Mobile).

The Who Farm Mobile is two (late-model) school buses fused together featuring an organic garden on the roof.

It was originally designed by Stefan Sagmeister and Ben Cohen of Ben & Jerry’s, and built by Tom Kennedy, and named Topsy Turvy.

When the “The Who Farm,” acquired the bus, ..they ripped off the roof and planted an organic edible garden.


At the risk of sounding (petty) ..when there are an estimated three to nine million Americans, men, women, and “children” living in America without a proper roof over their heads, ..or access to sustenance beyond the (benevolence) of privately funded missions and soup kitchens, ..for the White House to flaunt its bounty across this nation, and around the world, not only irresponsible,’s perverted.


The “Who Farm Mobile” travels across the country to visit schools, farms, food pantries, farmers’ markets, and festivals in twenty-five states and the District of Columbia in an effort to inform the Nation of “The Who Farm” ..and (Michele’s) petition.

From Independence Day, ..the July 4 through July 11, “The Who Farm” waited for Apples outside the flagship Apple Store on 59th Street in NYC.

Their wait attracted media attention from around the world, and (their) website received hits from 88 countries.

Correct me if I’m wrong, I am fully aware that America never has been, ..nor will it ever be, ..fair and equitable, all. (that’s Life, ..suck it up).

I am also fully aware that there are an abundance of wealthy industrious people in America. Wealthy industrious folks, our current commander-in-chief would have you believe, (are not) the “destruction” of America, ..they are its foundation.

The current degeneration in America cannot be laid at the feet of the wealthy industrious people, it belongs at the feet of the wealthy (non-industrial) folks, ..and/or, ..for want of a better description, ..politicians.

 savins 1

Wake-up America, ..people who spend the money that they earn, ..are frugal and spend wisely…

Obama Spending2 

..whereas in my experience, folks who spend other people’s money, ..are wasteful and foolish.

(Real World Factoid): …

The only folks more wasteful and ignorant than a (liberal) politician, ..are the fools that vote for them.

Think about it, I’ll be back tomorrow


Crusader Rabbit…

Question of the day: …

 What’s the difference between a Leopard and a Politician?

Barack and Blogo 1

 Politicians are a dangerous species.

page break - dark blue 1 - Copy


..while Leopards are an endangered species.

 page break - dark red 1

(Factoid). ..”at least in my opinion,” ..neither has the capacity to change their spots. 

Sure wish I had the ability to switch the two, ..because the way things are currently going in Washington, D.C. ..I think I’d rather (French Kiss) a hungry Leopard than trust anyone in the Obama administration to do right by America.

Think about it, I’ll be back tomorrow


Crusader Rabbit…

What’s in it for me?

Whether or not you’ve ever thought about, ..the “foregoing question,” ..and/or, (What’s in it for me?).

Is almost as complicated as the question; What color are God’s eyes?

With no less than five different songs (with the same title) “What’s in it for me,” ..sung by five singers, ..or groups.

 faith Hill 1a

– Faith Hill –

Faith Hill (born Audrey Faith Perry; September 21, 1967) is an American country singer. She is known both for her commercial success and her marriage to fellow country star Tim McGraw. Hill has sold more than 40 million records worldwide and accumulated eight number-one singles and three number-one albums on the U.S. Country charts.

 The Walkman 1

 – The Walkman –

The Walkmen is an indie rock band, with members based in New York City and Philadelphia. The band formed in 2000 with three members from Jonathan Fire*Eater—Paul Maroon (guitar, piano), Walter Martin (organ/bass), and Matt Barrick (drums)—and two from The Recoys, Peter Bauer (bass/organ) and Hamilton Leithauser (vocals, guitar). All but Bauer attended St. Albans in Washington, D.C.

 John Berry 2a

– John Berry – 

John Edward Berry (born September 14, 1959) is an American country music artist. Active as a recording artist since 1979, he has recorded more than fifteen studio albums, including one platinum album and two gold albums. In his career, Berry has also charted nineteen songs on the Billboard Hot Country Songs charts, including the Number One single “Your Love Amazes Me” from 1994 and six additional Top Ten hits: “What’s In It for Me,” “You and Only You,” “Standing on the Edge of Goodbye,” “I Think About It All the Time,” “Change My Mind,” and “She’s Taken a Shine.”

 Amy diamond 1a

– Amy diamond –

Amy Diamond (born 15 April 1992) is a Swedish pop singer, actress and television presenter. She is known for her single “What’s in It for Me” and album This Is Me Now which were released when she was 12 years old. The song was a 2005 hit in Sweden, Denmark, Norway, and Finland. It was the most-played song in Poland that year; it remained in the top ten for four months. Diamond has released six studio albums and performed on television as singer, actress and hostess.

Pitchshifter 1

– Pitchshifter –

Pitchshifter are a British five-piece electronic-metal band from Nottingham, United Kingdom formed in 1989. The band was started by bassist and vocalist Mark Clayden, lead guitarist and programmer Johnny A. Carter and rhythm guitarist Stuart Toolin. (Source Wikipedia).

 what's in it for me 1a a question that every voting age American should have asked himself or herself prior to casting their vote in 2012, because then I might not be exploring the origins of phrases and proverbs such as; (out of the frying pan into the fire) and (you broke it you fix it).

 out of the frying pan 1

The Italian author Laurentius Abstemius wrote a collection of 100 fables, the Hecatomythium, during the 1490s.

This included some based on popular idioms and proverbs of the day, of which “Still Waters Run Deep” is another example. A previous instance of such adaptation was Phaedrus, who had done much the same to the proverb about The Mountain in Labour…


Abstemius’ fable 20, De piscibus e sartigine in prunas desilentibus,

..concerns some fish thrown live into a frying pan of boiling fat. One of the fish urges its companions to save their lives by jumping out of the frying pan, ..but when they do, ..they fall into the burning coals and curse the bad advice.

The fabulist concludes: ‘This fable warns us that when we are avoiding present dangers, we should not fall into even worse peril.’

The tale was included in Latin collections of Aesop’s fables from the following century onwards but the first person to adapt it into English was Roger L’Estrange in 1692.

He was followed shortly after by the anonymous author of Aesop at Oxford, in whose fable “Worse and Worse” the fish jump ‘Out of the Frying-Pan, into the Fire’ by a collective decision.

The moral it illustrates is drawn from a contemporary episode in Polish politics.

There are several similar European idioms that derive ultimately from a Greek saying about running from the fire into the flame, the first recorded use of which was in a poem by Germanicus Caesar (15 BCE-19 CE) in the Greek Anthology.

There it is applied to a hare that attempts to escape from a dog by jumping into the sea, only to be seized by a ‘sea-dog’. The Latin equivalent was the seafaring idiom ‘He runs on Scylla, wishing to avoid Charybdis’ (incidit in scyllam cupiens vitare charybdim), a parallel pointed out by Edmund Arwaker in the moral that follows his verse treatment of the fable.

The earliest recorded use of the English idiom was by Thomas More in the course of a pamphlet war with William Tyndale. In The Confutacyon of Tyndales Answere (1532) More asserted that his adversary ‘featly conuayed himself out of the frying panne fayre into the fyre.’ (source Wikipedia).

 page break - dark red 1

 Barack Obama in a broken Americ

you broke it you fix it 1 

The Pottery Barn rule is “American jargon” alluding to a “you break it, you buy it” policy, by which a retail store holds a customer responsible for damage done to merchandise on display.

 Ain't gonna happen 2

 (No origin provided). 

Think about it, I’ll be back tomorrow


Crusader Rabbit…

Cliché, or not to cliché..

According to Merriam-Webster: “cli·ché,” A trite or overused expression or idea.

 scolding 6

you will or else 1a

How many times did you hear that when you were growing up?

Or this one; …

 nature of the beast 1a

According to Merriam-Webster: “beast,” (in context) Animal nature as opposed to intellect or spirit:

 nature of the beast 5a

(Animal nature).

 scolding 6

(Intellect and spirit).

 nature of the beast 2a

(Animal nature).

Of course, with Merriam-Webster and vocabulary both being extremely flexible in “their” nature, ..(beast) can also be defined as: “A brutal, contemptible person.”

 to fit in 1

 (Beasts with Intellect and spirit). 

Think about it, I’ll be back tomorrow


Crusader Rabbit…

Ya Gotta ask yer’self..

What do you want

Born 26, 023 days ago, ..and/or, ..for those of you with less calculating minds? 71 years, two months, and 28 days. I’ve been around long enough and seen enough, in some cases more than my share. Nevertheless I claim (no expertise) in anything other than what I tell you…

 The White House - Logo 3

..and if you believe that, ..I’ve got a good shot at living in the White House, ..come 2016.

Now then, with today’s “levity” out-of-the-way, ..I’d like to get serious for a moment.

So let’s get right to my opening question, ..shall we?

 Obama Pied Piper 2a 

Do you really want to follow a man who’s “still” campaigning for a job that he’s held for more than four years now, ..albeit has yet to begin performing?

Or would you like to live in the America that I grew up in, a beautiful place, and a wonderful place with trustworthy and friendly neighbors. A place where children, to include, ..(not all) ..but many teenagers…

According to Webster: “fam·i·ly,” (in context) A fundamental social group in society typically consisting of a man and woman and their offspring.

 A place where families…

family dinner 1

..sat down around their dinner table at the same time each evening and broke bread together.


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Philco 12 inch television set 

My father, albeit a gentle man, was a competitive provider, providing us, ..and/or, family with its first television set late in 1947. It was manufactured by Philco, was slightly larger than my mother’s breadbox, ..and it had a 12 inch screen.

1947, ..not a great year, ..albeit, ..the year that I traded in my Crayola’s, ..for a bright yellow number two pencil, it was the year that I started the first grade, ..learning to read, write, and spell.

Although to the best of my recollection, ..spelling and writing weren’t nearly as fun or interesting then as they are now.

Growing up in my (gone bye) America, ..was an amazing experience, ..although we had periodic (atomic attack) drills in our classrooms, one actually had any comprehension of what an atom bomb could do.

Sure, I’d seen lots of Newsreel footage of the “mushrooms” above Hiroshima and Nagasaki, ..but they were simply large clouds, ..and since I’d flown through, under, and over lots of clouds with my father in his open cockpit..


..1939 Stearman PT-17 biplane, I had no fear of clouds.

Frightening, ..and/or, ..terrifying to me, my adolescence, was the unparalleled “Frankenstein Monster,” (Boris Karloff) the “Wolfeman,” (Lon Chaney Jr.) ..and of course (the blood sucking) Dracula, ..and/or, (Bella Lugosi).

Growing up in the 40s and 50s was a lot simpler without cell phones, computers, texting and twittering…



Run, Forest, ..Run.

Tweeting was something a small bright colored bird did outside your bedroom window early in the morning, ..not something that presently has millions of people helplessly harnessed to a diminutive keyboard by their thumbs.

Not that I’m knocking technology, on the contrary I believe technology is wonderful, what I don’t think is wonderful is that America’s youth is in no way shape or form mindfully mature enough to deal with it.

 page break - dark red 1 

(Factoid). More than 60% of voting age college students in America voted for Barack Obama and 95% of the 60% who voted for Barack Obama, have absolutely no idea who Joe Biden is.

Think about it, I’ll be back tomorrow


Crusader Rabbit…

Question of the Day, ..freedom of Speech?

Our founding fathers weren’t sitting around snorting “coke” or smokin’ “wacky-tobacee” when they wrote “our” Constitution and penned the Bill of Rights.

Our founding fathers were educated men, ..not simply University educated, ..they were men educated by life. Our founding fathers understood the meaning of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, otherwise I’m quite sure that they would not have used those very words to describe what it means to be an American citizen.

Although, (in my opinion,) Barack Obama and his ilk would like everyone to believe that becoming an American citizen is as simple as sneaking across our borders while no one is looking…

 illegal border crossing 2

Or, (computer generate yourself a birth certificate), being an American citizen is more than that…

 fake birth certificate 1

 page break - dark blue 1

Although I fully understand that it is written into the text of the U.S. Constitution, ..that “our” law requires a (separation between church and state) ..and because schools are partly funded by tax dollars, ..”prayer and mention of God” our schools has been prohibited…

Double click the URL and enjoy the children.

 Pledge of Allegiance 6a

I also understand that the Supreme Court, ..the third branch of “our” government, ..(also funded by tax dollars), ..begins each session with a prayer.

Question: “Why is God (not suited) for America’s children to begin their day, when our Supreme Court, the highest court in the land, finds God to be approiate before beginning their day?

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math teacher escorted 1a

 Bill Diss 3a

 (William “Bill” Diss)

An Oregon public school teacher is on the verge of being terminated because of his outspoken views against Planned Parenthood and abortion.

Bill Diss, who has been teaching at Benson High School in Portland for 11 years, was placed on paid leave March 19 and recommended for dismissal, the Oregonian reported.

Planned Parenthood of Columbia/Willamette wants Bill Diss’ teaching license revoked. Diss heads Precious Children of Portland – a pro-life organization working to halt construction of Planned Parenthood’s new mega-abortion facility in Portland’s poorest neighborhood.

“Bill has organized one of the most effective efforts against Planned Parenthood in the country,” said Jim Sedlak, vice president of American Life League. “It’s no surprise Planned Parenthood will resort to anything – even going after his teaching license – in order to silence him.”

Diss opposes, on his own time, outside of any school activities, the construction of a Planned Parenthood killing center in an African American neighborhood in Portland. The new Planned Parenthood business will target minority women for abortions.

According to Sedlak, Planned Parenthood has a history of using such strong-arm tactics against its opponents.

Planned Parenthood threatened to sue UCLA student Lila Rose after she went public with footage of the organization covering up statutory rape.

Planned Parenthood libeled Eric Scheidler of Pro-Life Action League after he mounted an effective campaign against the organization in Aurora, Illinois. As a result, Planned Parenthood is currently defending itself in a lawsuit.

As long ago as 1986, according to Sedlak, Planned Parenthood tried to get him fired from his job with IBM in New York State because it viewed him as a threat.

“Diss is one of the finest teachers I’ve met. His devotion to the children in the classroom naturally extends to the children in the womb,” Sedlak said. “I pray the Teacher’s Standards and Practices Commission recognizes Planned Parenthood’s hate-filled claim as a vitriolic, self-serving and groundless attack by the nation’s number-one killer of future students.” (Source,

 page break - dark blue 1

Planned Parenthood Federation of America (PPFA), commonly shortened to Planned Parenthood, is the U.S. affiliate of the International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF) and one of its larger members. PPFA is a non-profit organization providing reproductive health and maternal and child health services.

The Planned Parenthood Action Fund, Inc. (PPAF) is a related organization which lobbies for pro-choice legislation, comprehensive sex education, and access to affordable health care in the United States.

(Sidebar). (Affordable healthcare) .. Sounds familiar, pretty sure that I’ve heard that term “somewhere” before?


Planned Parenthood is the largest U.S. provider of reproductive health services, …

According to Webster: “re·pro·duc·tion,” (in context) Biology. The sexual or asexual process by which organisms generate others of the same kind.


..including cancer screening, HIV screening and counseling, (contraception,) and (abortion). Contraception accounts for 35% of PPFA’s total services and abortions account for 3%; PPFA conducts roughly 300,000 abortions each year, among 3 million people served…

According to Webster: “con·tra·cep·tion,” Intentional prevention of conception or impregnation through the use of various devices, agents, drugs, sexual practices, or surgical procedures.

According to Webster: “a·bor·tion,” Induced termination of pregnancy and expulsion of an embryo or fetus.  

Question: If men and women use contraception correctly and responsibly, ..wouldn’t that eliminate the need for abortion?


The organization has its roots in Brooklyn, New York, where Margaret Sanger opened the country’s first birth-control clinic. Sanger founded the American Birth Control League in 1921, which in 1942 became part of the Planned Parenthood Federation of America. Since then, Planned Parenthood has grown to have over 820 clinic locations in the U.S., with a total budget of US $1 billion. PPFA provides an array of services to over three million people in the United States, and supports services for over one million clients outside the United States.

Planned Parenthood has received federal funding since 1970, when President Richard Nixon signed into law the Family Planning Services and Population Research Act, amending the Public Health Service Act. Title X of that law provides funding for family planning services, including contraception and family planning information. The law enjoyed bipartisan support from liberals who saw contraception access as increasing families’ control over their lives, and conservatives who saw it as a way to keep people off welfare. Nixon described Title X funding as based on the premise that “no American woman should be denied access to family planning assistance because of her economic condition.”

In the fiscal year ending June 30, 2011, total (consolidated) revenue was $201 million: clinic revenue totaling $2 million, grants and donations of $190 million, investment income of $2 million, and $7 million other income.

Approximately two-thirds of the revenue is put towards the provision of health services, while non-medical services such as sex education and public policy work make up another 16%; management expenses, fundraising, and international family planning programs account for most of the rest.

Planned Parenthood receives about a third of its money in government grants and contracts (about $360 million in 2009).

By law, federal funding cannot be allocated for abortions,…


Question: What’s in a name? An abortion by any other name is still an abortion.


..but some opponents of abortion have argued that allocating money to Planned Parenthood for the provision of other medical services “frees up” funds to be re-allocated for abortion.

A coalition of national and local pro-life groups have lobbied federal and state government to stop funding Planned Parenthood, and as a result, Republican federal and state legislators have proposed legislation to reduce the funding levels.…


 zero would be nice 1a

Some six states have gone ahead with such proposals. In some cases, the courts have overturned such actions, citing conflict with federal or other state laws, and in others, the federal executive branch has provided funding in lieu of the states.

In other cases, complete or partial defunding of Planned Parenthood has been successfully. (Source Wikipedia).

 page break - dark blue 1

Correct me if I’m wrong, albeit alluding to my research I have found no evidence of denying any (employee or affiliate) of “Planned Parenthood” their Constitutionally guaranteed right to explicate their advice, ..or their opinions.

Question: Are the (tax dollars) ..and/or, ..(public funding) that Planned Parenthood receives from our treasury any different from the (tax dollars) ..and/or, ..(public funding) ..that Public Schools receive from our treasury?

 reality check - red

Public “services” provided by Planned Parenthood, a private nonprofit corporation (do not serve) the public that supports their programs.

 homeless man 2

If American taxpayers were truly (their brother’s keeper) ..this man would not be sleeping on a Park bench…

 homeless girl 1a

..nor would this young woman be living on the street.

Think about it, I’ll be back tomorrow


Crusader Rabbit…

Great News, ..for progressive liberals !

Un-wed Mother 3a

For the first time in U.S. history, the median age of American women when they have their first child is lower than the median age of marriage, an eye-opening new report discloses.

The median age for marriage is 26.5 years for American women, while the median age for a first birth is 25.7 years, according to the “Knot Yet” report released by a team of academics and social activists.

The report also reveals that nearly half — 48 percent — of first births are by unwed mothers. At age 25, 44 percent of women have had a baby, while only 38 percent have married.

By the time they turn 30, “about two-thirds of American women have had a baby, typically out of wedlock,” states the report compiled by the National Marriage Project at the University of Virginia, the National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy, and the RELATE Institute.

Among women with less than a high-school education, 83 percent give birth to their first child without being married, up from 33 percent in 1970.

 Un-wed Mother 1a

The “troubling” trend is that delayed marriage does not necessarily mean delayed motherhood, the report observes.

Delayed marriage does offer several benefits. Women have more time to launch a successful career before marrying, and divorce rates are lower for later marriages.

(Sidebar) A thought from an elderly conservative; …

“When folks don’t get married, (alluding to common sense) where’s the need to maintain a record of divorce?


But the report points to negative repercussions as well: “Most researchers agree that on average, whether because of instability or absent fathers or both, children of unmarried mothers have poorer outcomes than children growing up with their married parents.”

 Un-wed Mother 2a

They are much more likely to experience family instability, school failure, and emotional problems, and they are three times more likely to see their parents break up, compared to children born to married parents.

But “culturally, young adults have increasingly come to see marriage as a ‘capstone’ rather than a ‘cornerstone’ — that is, something they do after they have all their ducks in a row, rather than a foundation for launching into adulthood and parenthood,” the report surmises.

 traditional wedding 4

“Moreover, one of the primary reasons for getting married — starting a family — is increasingly viewed as a relic of the past. The institution of marriage, and even the presence of two parents, are seen as nice but not necessary for raising children.” (Source,

Thank you Mr. President, you promised to level the playing field in America, ..and you have kept that promise, least when it comes to (America’s bastards).

 you're welcome first family 1

A proud day for you sir, you should take the day off and take your wonderful family to Disneyworld, or Hawaii, or Martha’s Vineyard, or Spain, or maybe the south of France? I haven’t read yet where Michelle has been there.

For the rest of you, I’ll be back tomorrow


Crusader Rabbit…

“One way ..or the Other?”

I say this much 1

                       One way or the other, ..also one way or another.

If you say that you will do something, or that something will (be done) one way or the other, are determined to do it, or that it will (be done), ..although you “do not” know exactly how…

 face-off 1

Question: When did America become a nation of trade-offs?

 we the people clipart

America is a nation of laws!

  the compromise 1a

It’s not a playground or a piggy bank for politicians.

 who's on first 1a

Who’s on first was funny 50 years ago, not so much.

don't blame me 2a

 Being an American is taking responsibility!


By law, I have to pay Obama’s rent, ..feed him, ..clothe him and pay for his transportation, …

 First Amendment on parchment

However, since a couple of our laws, ..the first and second amendments, ..the First Amendment, which provides me with the right to speak and publish my thoughts, ..and my opinions…

 Second Amendment on parchment

..the Second Amendment provides me a guarantee to the “Right to Keep and Bear Arms, protect myself and my family from harm, well as to protect “my” country against corruption and tyranny in “my” government.

Accordingly Mr. President…

 I'll keep my guns 1amy two cents 

Editorial: Both from the critical responses I receive from pro-Obama parasites, and the (lack of response) gendered from the folks with the intellect not to vote for him, I can conclude nothing other than a dead heat in the race for the reins. 

According to Webster: “reins,” (in context) A means or an instrument by which power is exercised.

Think about it my friends, I’ll be back tomorrow


Crusader Rabbit…

Will the real sequestration please stand up..

appellation illiteracy 3a

According to Webster: “se·ques·tered,” 1. To withdraw into seclusion. 2. To remove or set apart; segregate.

Profiting from it illiteracy…

In Appalachian, pulling children out of school because their mothers and fathers fear that if their kids learn to read, they are less likely to qualify for a monthly check for having an intellectual disability.

Many people in Appalachia are disenfranchised, poor and desperate, so the $698 monthly check per child from the (Supplemental Security Income) program goes a long way, and the checks continue until the children turn 18.

Not to rag on good buddy Rand Paul, ..who through “one organization or another,” ..sends me an email request to donate to his save the (Second Amendment) gig at least three times a week…

Not that I’m against saving “our” Second Amendment, to the contrary, ..I am one of our Second Amendment’s “most avid” supporters as represented in a majority of my blather.

 Rand Paul - well shut my mouth 1a

However, ..if I were Rand Paul, ..the Junior United States Senator from Kentucky, ..with a (possible) ambition to make a run at the Oval Office in 2016, ..I might “wanna” consider an agenda to create incentives for my constituents to learn to read and write, ..rather than “maintaining ” ..a policy that provides a ($698 a month, ..per head) incentive to remain illiterate.

 Appalachia illiteracy 1 

Without an education, ..these 6 children are worth $4,188 a month until the age of 18, which time, ..if “tradition” upheld, each of these girls could have 2 to 3 children of their own, ..and/or, income of $1,396. to $2,094., ..a month.

With the option for a $698 a year raise until they are in their mid-to late 30’s.

 God bless America - dark red 

Think about it! Where else on the planet could you get paid for being ignorant?

 king Obama 3a

But then, considering the fact that this is also the only Nation on the planet where an individual with no past, and no future lives like a King, ..while disenfranchised folks in America still endure life with less amenities than animals in a zoo.

 on the street in America 1

on the street in America 2

If they only had bus fare to Kentucky…

  illiteracy is a God send 2a

Think about it, I’ll be back tomorrow


Crusader Rabbit…

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