Swift and Unambiguous..

Road Runner - running

According to Webster: “un·am·big·u·ous,” adj. Exhibiting no ambiguity or uncertainty; clear.

Over the past couple of weeks I have received a number of e-mails requesting my solution to…

Isis troops 3

Although I believe I’ve made myself “quite clear” in previous offerings, I have no problem reiterating; …

Isis at the door 1

There is a Wolf at our door…

red riding hood - Wolf

…you do nothing and he eats you.

remember who you are

Or you remember who you are…

red riding hood 2a

..and you kill him!

Think about it, I’ll be back tomorrow

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Crusader Rabbit…

Armed and Dangerous..

armed and dangerous 1

According to Webster: “dan·ger·ous,” adj. (In context) Being able or likely to do harm.

Screw the Middle East, let’s…

stop the killing 1

..here at home.

a generation in despair 2

I am not holding the south side of Chicago up today as my example of violent communities in America because Chicago is Barack Obama’s hometown.

shot in Chicago (2)

I chose the South side of Chicago as my example because the South side of Chicago is unequivocally the most violent community in America today.

Obama Chicago home 1

The fact that Barack Obama owns a home on the South side of Chicago simply makes the violence more deplorable.

Barack and Michelle partying

“To the rise of (our) Stock” …Viva higer taxes!

In my journey through life, I’ve been in audience to a number of exchanges “where-in” it was claimed that black people are (inherently) violent.

heritage 2

According to Webster: “in·her“ent·ly,” (In context) Intrinsic, essential or characteristic.

Truth: All people are inherently violent, the color of an individual’s skin has nothing to do with it.

natural born killer 2

Question: Is there any “science” to support the suggestion that black people have a (natural) proclivity for violence?

Spear Chucker

(Pure Propaganda).

According to Webster: “pro·cliv·i·ty,” n., A natural propensity or inclination; predisposition. 

All Homo sapiens ( via nature), are predisposed to violence.

Think about it, I’ll be back tomorrow

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Readers Forum – Getting Serious..

Readers Forum - Stars and Strip

According to Webster: “se·ri·ous,” (in context) adj. Not trifling or jesting.

deceive - graphic 1

(The folks in charge).

Neither the horrific (in-your-face) “Islamic” beheadings in the Middle East or the disgraceful “unchecked” gang violence in Chicago, are (in my considered opinion), ..in any way shape or form, ..jocular or amusing.

liberal point of view 2

For those of us that don’t wear our rectums as hat bands, it is understood that war and cruelty are products of the weak. Consideration and gentleness are to be expected only from the competent and the strong.

Welcome - Finished

Danielle,                         (Forum – If it walks like a duck).

I’ve been a subscriber to your site for a year, so my question for you is, why are you the best kept Secret on the Internet?

This site is not only the most informative site on the Internet, it is the most diverse and honest as well.

I wrote a blog about my family and about my interests last year and I ran out of material and topics after three months, so I also want to know how do you come up with everything you come up with?

I love everything you write.

In my Opinion - Finished

Hello Danielle, thank you for your loyalty, thank you for your narrative and thank you for your accolades.

My secret, (if for whatever reason you missed my offerings in which I explained that I don’t type), as a Septuagenarian with numb digits, I use Nuance’s “magnificent” program; “Dragon Naturally Speaking.”

Which of course for individuals like myself that don’t or can’t manage a keyboard, it is the greatest “provision” since sliced bread. 🙂

With that said; To conform with my policy of “Honesty is the Best Policy,” I am compelled to tell you that as wonderful as Dragon naturally speaking is, “Nuance,” has, (at least for the time being, and/or, temporarily), fallen from grace with me.

A couple of weeks ago, (or thereabout), I was contacted by a company customer service representative eager to sell me the new version 13, “NaturallySpeaking,” which of course as a longtime satisfied customer, “I did.” Then after it failed to install on my computer, (they), informed me that version 13 doesn’t work with Windows Vista, ..Duh!

I’ve been using Dragon since version 10, and/or, for the last 3 ½ years, so I have a lengthily customer profile, so at least in my opinion, (they), should have known I use Vista.

Thank you for letting me share that with you, I feel so much better now. 🙂

Now to your question; As I have heralded on more than one, and/or, “many” occasions, writing, and/or blogging, is simply about using words in a configuration that conveys I thought.

As to how I derive at my topics, and/or, subject matter, being a constitutional conservative that is totally at odds, and/or, opposed to the policies of our current administration, the lion share of my blather is political and anti-progressive liberal.

I believe in “self-reliance” and “personal responsibility” and in the doctrine that; …

if it ain't broke 2

Thank you again for being a part of my journey, Chuck.

Welcome - Finished

Nathan,                                 (Family Oriented).

Along with your reality and wisdom, I enjoy your imagination and your sense of humor. Don’t change a thing and one day there could be a plaque somewhere celebrating your literary achievements.

I stumbled across your site three weeks ago and let me tell you, of all the sites I have stumbled across, there is nothing even close to yours.

In my Opinion - Finished

Hello Nathan, thank you for stumbling across my site and for your ego expanding accolades.

According to Webster: “change,” (in context) To be different.

Question: (alluding to the adage); “You can’t teach an “old dog” new tricks, if I were different, (common sense dictates), that I wouldn’t be me…

Chuck - Black hat 7a

..and if I weren’t me, .well you get the idea.

Drop by anytime, it’s been a pleasure, Chuck.

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Felicia,               (Why do so many Americans own Guns).

My father’s name is on the Vietnam wall, his name is scribed on the wall because my father believed in America and in the Constitution.

I have two sons, both have served in Afghanistan and in Iraq and they are both ready to return to keep our rights in tact.

My sons are not afraid to die for their country, which is the way a true American should feel about this country. Wouldn’t it be grand if we had a President that felt the same?

In my Opinion - Finished

Hello Felicia, thank you for visiting my site and thank you for your narrative.

If you’ve read my blather for any length of time, then you are aware of my opinion of the Obama administration, if not, ..let me size it up for you in a nutshell; “I categorically believe that the American government was discontinued in 2008, and will be back in business in 2016 if the country votes with its head instead of its desire for free stuff.

When I advocate for America and the Constitution with my words, my thoughts and my opinions, I’m not advocating for myself, I’m advocating for you, your children, your grandchildren and hopefully their grandchildren.

Although my journey through life hasn’t been a “yellow brick road,” it hasn’t been a briar patch either. My parents brought me up to deal with life as it arrives, understanding that some days there would be a candy bar, and some days there’d just be the wrapper.

When I was a young man I took full advantage of the Second Amendment and although I still maintain a “respectable” gun collection, ..I exercise my right to “Keep and Bear Arms” ..far less these days, to exercise my right to “free speech” and my right to “freedom of the press.”

Although my legs will still carry me through my local grocery store, they no longer respond to let’s go up that mountain. 🙂

Drop-in anytime, Chuck.

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Aaron,                              (The Weight of Words).

Question: Do you actually believe that your blog and your “minted” clichés are making a difference in the world ?

In my Opinion - Finished

 Hello Aaron, thank you for visiting my site and thank you for your question.

Absolutely, the reason you don’t get it, is because you’re an academic. Academics are brainwashed “units” of society that don’t get anything that doesn’t originate from someone with a certificate of accomplishment from somewhere?

Welcome - Finished

Avery,                             (The Weight of Words).

Great read, great graphics and a great message, although I believe you may have pushed the envelope a bit too far for the fairer sex. 🙂

Good luck with that.

In my Opinion - Finished

Hello Avery, thank you for visiting my site and thank you for your narrative and thank you for your opinion.

With that said; the best I can do is tell you that I call ‘em like I see ‘em…

Windsor Castle

..and although I received enough chiding email to wallpaper Windsor Castle, I stick by what I said.

Welcome - Finished

Gary,                                     (Superficial).

I’ve been reading your blog for about six months now, not every day, more like twice a week, but I always catch up on what I miss.

I served two terms in Iraq and one in Afghanistan, so when I say the only thing in the Middle East worth spending U.S. tax dollars to kill would be their sand fleas.

As far as the rest of them go, if we leave them alone, I agree with you, they’ll do a fine job of killing each other.

In my Opinion - Finished

Hello Gary, thank you for your patronage and thank you for your narrative.

I served in Vietnam, America’s first war for commerce, so I appreciate your understanding of the insanity of fighting and killing people for no other reason than to fight and kill people.

War, (at least in the real world,) is prosecuted for conquering an adversary. If a nation owns nothing but debt and broken bodies at the end of its campaign, what was accomplished?

According to Webster: “ac·com·plish·ment,” n. Something completed successfully; an achievement.

think about it folks 2

Welcome - Finished

Roberta,                                 (With Utmost Care).

Thank you for writing about domestic violence and Obama’s indifference to everything except himself and the ignorant bastards that voted for him. I started reading your blog two weeks ago when I moved in with my brother and his wife after fifteen years of putting up with my abusive husband.

Yeah I know, you want to know why I stayed with an abusive man for fifteen years? I used to tell people it was because I loved him and my children needed a father. The simple truth, I was more afraid to be alone than I was to be with him.

I just wanted you to know that I’ve learned more about life from reading your blog these last two weeks than I have in the last twenty years.

I read your blog now every morning before breakfast and it gets me through the day. Thank you thank you thank you.

In my Opinion - Finished

According to Webster: “a·lone,” adj. Being apart from others.

Which of course, (all things considered), that sounds really bleak. So it’s a good thing that Merriam-Webster followed that with; “Being without equal; unique.”

Hello Roberta, thank you for joining my little congregation, I will try to live up to your expectations. Albeit, life being what it is, I make no guarantee other than “no harm” will come to you here.

Please don’t be a stranger, Chuck.

Welcome - Finished

Davenport,                 (Elementary my Dear Whoever).

As an active duty Marine I would appreciate it if you would withhold my duty station.

Being diplomatic, let me say that I and the guys I serve with hold Barack Obama in less than appropriate esteem.

In my Opinion - Finished

Hello Davenport, thank you for visiting my site and thank you for your narrative. With that said; (It is my considered opinion that you have been extremely diplomatic).

Hooraw…   Chuck.

Truth forges understanding, I’ll be back tomorrow

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Crusader Rabbit…


Elementary my dear whoever, or…

elementary whatever 2

According to Webster: “el·e·men·ta·ry,” adj. Of, relating to, or constituting the basic, essential, or fundamental part.

Question: (for those of you with an actual interest), what is the most basic, essential and fundamental part of America?

To which of course (in my opinion), would categorically be…

the American people 2

Which of course, (again in my opinion), would unequivocally and categorically “eliminate” any and all “hyphenated” people, such as individuals insistent upon referring to themselves as African-Americans, Mexican-Americans, Asian-Americans, and so on, etc.

Historical and undeniable fact; “A nation is no better or no worse than it’s people.”

Another historical and undeniable fact; “Governments do not create nations.”

people create Nations 2

Question: If people create Nations, (what) do “governments” do?

To which of course the answer is pliant; A government either respects the people that created it, or they (the government), disrespects the people that created it…

Obama eating like an animal

..and has the people for lunch.

Personal opinion: “No one in America’s 238 year history has challenged and disrespected the U.S. Constitution more than our current commander-in-chief, Barack Hussein Obama.”

Who by choice is a…

hyphenated individual 2

Historical and undeniable fact; America (was not) created by “hyphenated people,” America was “unequivocally” created by people that were simple and proud, ..proud to “simply” be American-Americans.

The bottom line, (at least for those of us who believe in and support the U.S. Constitution); …

If you don’t believe that America is the greatest nation on the planet and that Christianity, capitalism and a free market are preferable to socialism or communism, then you should seek out a nation or “seaport” that subscribes to another religion, socialism and communism and let those of us that believe in (freedom and free enterprise) get on with “our” lives.

Barack Obama is not America, nor is he and his ideology an element of America. Obama proves himself time after time to be anti-American, disrespectful and unrepentantly unpatriotic as demonstrated by…

coffee salute

..“saluting” his Marine guard with a coffee in his hand.

According to Webster: “el·e·ment,” A fundamental, essential, or irreducible constituent of a composite entity.

Fact; The hand salute is a display of respect that is given to honor another.

Obama hands 2

Another fact; Barack Obama has two hands and if he were a thoughtful and honorable person he would have transferred his coffee from his right hand to his left prior to saluting.

According to Webster: “hon·or,” High respect, as that shown for special merit; esteem.

Editorial: I don’t speak for anyone but myself and with that understood; (in my most impassioned opinion), Marines are exceptional and honorable Americans that deserve respect and recognition for their dedication and service to America, which doesn’t include being saluted with a coffee.

Barack Obama

Barack Obama and…

US Marine Corps

..the Marine Corps are both employed by the U.S. taxpayers.

Question: In your mind and in your heart of hearts, which (in your considered opinion) has contributed more to America?

A parting thought to ponder; “When the people provide the flour, the people should get an equal slice of the cake.

Truth forges understanding, I’ll be back tomorrow

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Crusader Rabbit..

With Utmost Care..

utmost care 2

Our founding fathers penned a document to guarantee every American citizen certain inalienable rights.

We the People - Graphic 4

Our founding fathers were educated men that thought well beyond themselves into America’s future to “guarantee” that America “would remain” a nation with a government; “Of the people, empowered by the people, to benefit the people.”

US First Amendment 1

With provisions to assure that America would not become a nation governed by an individual or a group of individuals, for the benefit of an individual or a group of individuals.

Sadly, time and apathy have allowed for the erosion of those (provisions) like a trickling tributary into a roaring torrent until now in the 21st Century, we find ourselves under the thumb of America’s first dictator.

my mother wouldn't lie to me 1 - Copy

You’re not the boss of me !

Whether you appreciate it or not, “America is” (collectively), “our child” and we, “we the people,” have (collectively) been remiss in our duty to maintain responsible…

Nanny McPelosi 2

“nannies, ”

Manny McReid 3  (2)

and “mannies,”

Statue of Liberty - close

…to look after her.

America’s children aren’t unnecessarily losing their way, they are categorically being eliminated from the recipe.

To discover who you are, ask yourself why the Democratic Party is “enticing” children from the southern hemisphere to America?

entering Pine Ridge

living conditions

                                                                            Pine Ridge

If your answer is that you believe “progressive liberals” are committed to (helping) the have-nots and less fortunate folks on the planet. Please, immediately drop what you’re doing and visit the “Pine Ridge Indian Reservation” in Western South Dakota to clear your head.

America both needs and deserves honest men and women serving for the benefit of the nation instead of themselves.

There are over 300 million bona fide “honest” (legal) citizens in this nation. So, why do “we” keep electing people without principles?

With the technologies and amenities available in this nation, America should not be as violent as it is.

domestic violence 2 (2)

Historical Fact: ”Statistically” men are neither responsible or nurturing, at home or around the globe.

foreign violence 3

Unequivocally approved by Islam and sharia law.

Obama sharia law 1a

Depressing Fact: Barack Obama’s policies and ideology are in no way shape or form opposed to sharia law.

I reiterate 4

judge Jeanine 3b

Jeanine Pirro in 2016

Think about it, I’ll be back tomorrow

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Crusader Rabbit…


superficial 1a

According to Webster: “su·per·fi·cial,” adj. (In context) Trivial; insignificant.

Question: Is the American taxpayer (again) doomed to generations of servitude to satisfy the lust of the elite?

superficial 1

It is advertised, “conservatively,” that the Rothschild family is currently worth between $350 billion and $400 billion dollars.

Which of course, to an individual like myself who struggles month-to-month on the pittance from Social Security, doled out to me by a shameless corrupt government that has been robbing America blind since they broke their covenant with the working class and attached the Social Security fund to the general fund of the U.S. Treasury.

Which they, our shameless corrupt greedy elitists Congress voted in 1913, to “illegally” contract their “constitutional duty” to (print and value) America’s coin and currency to a private corporation, i.e., “The Federal Reserve Banking System,” a private corporation owned (more than half), by “non-citizens” of the United States.

That my friend, is unequivocally the definition of…

obscenity 2

According to Webster: “ob·scene,” (in context) adj. Offensive to accepted standards of decency.

Although I wholeheartedly concur that our current distraction,

Isis troops

..is an undesirable element to share the planet with, it is my “considered opinion” that America should get its own house in order before we, “the American taxpayers,” spend another bunch of billions ridding the Middle East of their schoolyard bullies.

Of course, if Barack Obama and all five hundred and thirty-five members of the Congress want to take on a second job to pay for more folly in Iraq and Afghanistan, hey I’m behind them, otherwise I think we should put our airplanes back in their hangers and let Islam sorted “their” differences out for themselves.

Think about it, I’ll be back tomorrow

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Crusader Rabbit

The Weight of Words..

words - neon

According to Webster: “word,” n. A sound or a combination of sounds, or its representation in writing or printing, that symbolizes and communicates a meaning and may consist of a single morpheme or of a combination of morphemes.

Question: What is a morpheme?

According to Webster: “mor·pheme,” n. (in context) Is the smallest meaningful grammatical unit in a language.

Question: Who uses words?

people talking 4

Answer: People and societies.

Question: What makes up a society?

society 2

Answer: People.

Question: Do all people use the same words?

Answer: yes and no.

what - graphic 2a

Retort: Your answer is confusing.

According to Webster: “con·fus·ing,” To cause to be unable to think with clarity or act with intelligence or understanding.


Question: Can confusion be clarified?

Answer: Absolutely.

Question: Who clarifies confusion?

Answer: Scholars.

Albert Einstein finger to head

According to Webster: “schol·ar,” n. A learned person.

Question: Who qualifies as a scholar?

Plato Aristotle Socrates 1

Historically: Plato, Aristotle and Socrates.

Question: Who were Plato, Aristotle and Socrates?

Answer: Philosophers.

According to Webster: “phi·los·o·pher,” n. A student of or a specialist in philosophy.

Question: What is required to be a philosopher?

a philosopher 2

In reality; pretty much anyone can be a philosopher as long as they are a male and have an original thought.

Question: Can a woman be a philosopher?

Retort: “In the real world ” ..and (in my opinion) !

no way in hell 2

the thinker  - words

Sorry ladies, women are no more capable of giving birth to an original idea that a man is to giving birth to a child.

universe - infinity 1

According to Webster: “o·rig·i·nal,” adj. Preceding all others in time; first.

wisdom - philosophy 3

According to Webster: “phi·los·o·phy,” n. (in context) The pursuit of wisdom and knowledge by intellectual means and moral self-discipline.

Question: What kind of wisdom and knowledge does an individual need to be a decent person?

Answer: A good starting point would be to understand the difference between things like substantial and fragile; and/or, (the significant and the insignificant), i.e., the representative and the represented.

A “Plenipotentiary” if you please?

Plenipotentiary 1a

According to Webster: “plen·i·po·ten·ti·ar·y,” Invested with or conferring full powers; A diplomatic agent fully authorized to represent his or her government.

Question: Are “plenipotentiaries” good people?

being knighted

Answer: Some are, and deserve to be consecrated for their service, while others are selfish and corrupt and deserve to be incarcerated.

in jail 1a

According to Webster: “in·car·cer·at·ed,” v. (in context) Put in jail.

will save you money 2

According to Webster: “i·ro·ny,” n., The use of words to express something opposite to its literal meaning.

Observation: As an individual who provides a monumental amount of material critical of our current commander-in-chief I receive a great amount of mail inquiring as to my status as a “hater,” and/or, a “bigot”?

According to Webster: “hate,” v. To feel hostility or animosity toward; To detest.

Question: Do I hate Barack Obama?

Answer: Absolutely Not!

In my personal experience, hate is a draining emotion which I keep at a minimum. Albeit with that said; I do indeed and in fact “hate” Barack Obama’s ideology and the (anti-capitalist) policies he has inflicted upon entrepreneurialism in America.

Question: Am I a bigot?

Answer: Absolutely!

According to Webster: “big·ot,” One who is strongly partial to one’s own group, religion, race, or politics and is intolerant of those who differ.

Question: As I am always controversial and often confusing, I also received a lot of mail inquiring as to “whether or not” there’s anything that I love?

Answer: Absolutely!

I love my wife, ..my family, (all of ‘em), ..my friends, ..I love America, ..I love writing this blog, ..I love my readers, (all of you). I also love apple pie, pumpkin pie, porkchops, biscuits ‘n gravy, hamburgers, chili dogs, Cheerios and Raisin Bran.

puppy with a rose 2

According to Webster: “Love,” n. (In context) A deep feeling of affection toward a person, place or thing.

And with that my fellow Americans, and readers from around the globe, I am “now” going to abandon you for a bowl of Cheerios.

Honey nut Cheerios

According to Webster: “now,” adv. At the present time; at once, and immediately.

Truth forges understanding, I’ll be back tomorrow

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Why do so many Americans own Guns..

because we can 2 sig

Second Amendment - graphic 2a

Our founding fathers were decent men with foresight and a proclivity for opportunity and freedom, America (is) and has always been…

about freedom 2

A commodity that you can’t find on the shelf at Walmart, or in the medicine cabinet of a far left progressive Democrat.

no freedom here 4

For me personally, I find nothing more depressing, and/or, “oppressing” than a cabinet full of pharmaceuticals.


As a matter of fact, pondering over the last six years, I’m in conflict as to which has become more oppressive, petroleum products or pharmaceuticals?


stop or I will shoot

At 72 years of age, I have yet to be the recipient of a tale in which an individual under threat of death or worse, protected themselves from harms way with hope.

self-reliance 3

Self-reliance (is) personal responsibility.

personal responsibility 2

In America, “thank God” you have a choice.

Think about it, I’ll be back tomorrow

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Crusader Rabbit…

Family Oriented..

God's children 2

Typical American family.

According to Webster: “fam·i·ly,” n., A fundamental social group in society typically consisting of a man and woman and their offspring.

shame on Webste 2 r


Although Webster rarely fails to please me when I reference his publication, he has definitely disappointed me today.

In their critique of the word “family,” (in my humble opinion), they, or them, Webster and Merriam, whether on purpose, or by oversight, “omitted” some of the world’s longest standing residence…

categorically family oriented 2

…God’s other Children.

While defining everything from slang for an organized crime unit such as the Cosa Nostra, ..to an array of elements with similar chemical properties…

Bad Ju-Ju 2

..both Merriam and Webster failed to mention our brothers and sisters in the animal kingdom.

unconventional companions

According to Webster: “or·i·ent·ed,” (in context) To become familiar with and adjust to life.

huddle and cuddle

If these folks can find common ground to huddle and cuddle, (in my considered opinion), there isn’t a Homo sapien on this planet that doesn’t have the capacity to do the same.

great effort

According to Webster: “ef·fort,” (In context). Using physical and mental energy to accomplish a task.

unemployment line

There were no unemployment lines in 1776.

covered wagon lines

Moving forward to the 1830s, the lines became thousands of wagons driven West by American families, (immigrants) from around the globe determined to build nation.

a unified nation 2

Then entered the Dragon, and/or, politics and politicians.

deceive - graphic 1

Question: Can you imagine any of the people above driving a wagon a thousand miles to build a house of logs and sod?

people laughing - cartoon

Appropriate response.

family dwellings

Families focus on building homes.

more flexibility 2 (2)

Politicians focus on building agendas.


America needs more continuity, …

vigilance 1a

…and vigilance.

Barack and Michelle partying

..and less selfishness!

A tidbit to ponder, and/or, the “effrontery” of the millennium; The Obama administration has deemed that it’s acceptable to purchase marijuana with welfare money.

no alcohol or cigarettes 2

Truth forges understanding, I’ll be back tomorrow

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Crusader Rabbit..

Readers Forum – If it walks like a Duck..

Readers Forum - Stars and Strip

quack quack quack 2

“There is no value where truth is absent.” ..Chuck.

Roger that I have the duck insi

The biggest problem in America today, (in my opinion), is too many Americans are watching their right hand, ..when they should be watching the left.

In the interim this morning, as I am “disregarding” my policy, I choose to explain; …

I received two chiding comments, “Wednesday last,” from an extremely antagonistic individual by the name of “Brian,” who is apparently one of those rare individuals that believes he is an expert when it comes to the thoughts and productions of others…

Accordingly, without further ado…

Welcome - Finished

Brian from Facebook, (The difference between communism and socialism), “Posted; June 19, 2013.

“Not even close! Socialism is equally committed to the destruction of the capitalist state, and differences over the former USSR and contemporary China tend to be between those who are or are not Stalinists and/or Maoists, not socialists vs. communists.

Socialism is the mode of production that immediately follows capitalism, and it is eventually replaced by communism when society has developed far enough beyond capitalism that the organs of the state become superfluous and are faded out.”

And (capitalism), Posted; June 20, 2013.

“How is that despite understanding basic political economy enough to recognize state capitalism (as opposed to communism or socialism”), yet still commit the all-too-common fallacy of confounding any of Obama’s policies or rhetoric with socialism?

Or did you just do a copy and paste from Wikipedia in hopes that it would make your claim seem more plausible (it didn’t, it made it seem dumber)?

In my Opinion - Finished

Hello Brian, thank you for visiting my site and thank you for your comments and your narratives. With that said; I should like to preface my reply to you with the understanding that it is (adverse) to my policy to reply to comments concerning a posting more than 60 days past.

Albeit, as I have a weakness for “not” ignoring idiots, I have chosen to make “you” an exception.

Although I don’t know you, and most likely wouldn’t want to, I will indeed enjoy myself this morning at your expense.

The first thing out of your mouth; “Not even close! Socialism is equally committed to the destruction of the capitalist state.

Einstein - duh

The second thing you opted to press me with, was wanting me to believe that there is somehow “a difference” between a Stalinist communist and a Maoist Communist?


The next time you’re at the library, if indeed you know where the library is? Pick up a copy of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet and check out Act II scene II; …

Barry and Karl - graphic 2a

“What’s in a name? A Communist by any other name, is still a Communist.”


Your next reckoning chronicles that; “Socialism is the mode of production that “immediately” follows “capitalism,” and (is) eventually (replaced by communism) when “society” has “developed” (far enough beyond) “capitalism” that the…

organs 2a

..(of the state) become superfluous and are faded out.”

According to Webster: “su·per·flu·ous,” adj. Being beyond what is required or sufficient.


Help me out here Brian, since I’m confused about whether you’re referring to a “wind” musical instrument…

pipe organ 1

“Pipe Organ”

gallbladder 3


..or a gastrointestinal body part?


homeless man was shopping cart

A Question Brian, please; “Have you ever met a rich man, or a poor man who possessed more than he wants?

our words fun 2


Concluding, categorically that you are a product of academia with (no tie to reality) or connection with “common sense,” (it is my humble opinion), that you purchase a copy of Merriam-Webster’s publication and make it your best friend.

Moving on to your critique of my June 20, 2013 offering, “Ta-Da,” entitled; “Capitalism,” …

..and I quote; “How is that despite understanding basic political economy.” …

(Time Out).

Scribed properly, there would be an (it) between the words (how and that), ..but then what do I know, I’m a “bona fide” high school dropout.

However, as to my being “confounded,” and/or, “confused” about mistaking Barack Obama’s policies and rhetoric with socialism?

give it walks like a duck 3 (2)

What planet do you log into Facebook from? Because here on earth we understand that when an individual, walks like a duck and talks like a duck, that individual is a duck.

It is an absolutely unequivocally documented fact that Barack Obama’s grandparents on his mother’s side were and are (both) card-carrying Communists.

It is an absolutely unequivocally documented fact that Barack Obama’s mother, (the woman that passed on her parents ideology to her son), was specifically enrolled in communist oriented schools.

It is also “categorically” documented that she was an atheist and an antigovernment activist, (except on the days that she received her welfare benefits).

People are who they are taught to be, as I was taught to be self-reliant and responsible for my actions from the time I could walk, Barack Obama was taught that the government was the devil and if he wasn’t clever, the government would consume him.

Which of course, (at least in my opinion), Barack took as a personal challenge and as it is a no brainer for those of us with the capacity to connect with our God given “Common Sense,” Barack Obama has indeed been clever enough to turn the tables on America and consume the government.

So my last question for you today Brian is; (as an individual who undoubtedly voted for Barack Obama, …

it feel to be a meal

“How does it feel to be a meal?

Postscript: Concerning my propensity for cutting and pasting from Wikipedia and others? Of course I “cut-and-paste” from Wikipedia and others.

What is it that you “don’t understand” about my inability to compete with great minds like your without cheating?

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Darren from Pensacola,                 (America’s Eagles).

Great article, right on target. Left wing progressives have been wiping their feet on the U.S. Constitution for way too long, it’s about time someone stood up and told America the truth.

Thank you my friend, I have bookmarked your site and I’ll be sharing it with everyone in my address book.

In my Opinion - Finished

Hello Darren, thank you for visiting my site and thank you for your narrative and your accolades. The truth and sharing are two of mankind’s greatest responsibilities, …

Martin Sheen and Spiderman 6

..albeit as Spiderman’s uncle so eloquently explicated; “With great responsibility comes great power, and/or, ‘er, was that the other way around?

Either way, I’m pleased to add you to my list of friends, don’t be a stranger, Chuck.

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Miriam from Hollister,                 (A Quick Question).

I’ve been reading your blog for about seven months and I love it. I think Barack and Michelle would both look great in a burqa 🙂

In my Opinion - Finished

Hello Miriam, thank you for visiting my site and thank you for your narrative.

Although Tuesday’s question was indeed a quick one, it was not asked without thought, nor can it be answered without consideration.

Happy to have you on board and I look forward to hearing from you again, ..hopefully many times and soon. Chuck.

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Georgette from Houston,         (In My Humble Opinion).

My husband and I have been reading your blog for about two years, he attended an Ivy League college, so he thinks your dictionary definitions are condescending, but I love them.

So don’t change a thing, because I spend more time on the Internet than he does.

In my Opinion - Finished

Hello Georgette, thank you for visiting my site and thank you for your narrative. I get a lot of comments on my “dictionary definitions,” most (appreciate them), ..albeit your husband is by no stretch standing alone.

My friend “David” also thinks my dictionary definitions are condescending and the lion share of his “higher” education was gleaned astride a metal steed manufactured by Harley-Davidson. 🙂

Don’t be a stranger, Chuck.

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Taylor from Fort Benning,             (Loose lips sink ships).

I’ve only been reading your blog for about five or six weeks, but that’s been long enough for me to realize that the biggest mistake I’ve made in life so far was voting for Barack Obama because I’m a black man.

Thank you for this forum, because I have something I want to share, Barack Obama and I are both black, but only one of us is a man.

Keep on telling it like it is and I’ll keep on sharing it with my brothers.

In my Opinion - Finished

Hello Taylor, thank you for visiting my site and thank you for your narrative and for your accolades. With that said; I’d like to share a little more of my personal philosophy.

If I look at a man and I don’t feel that he would do a good job painting my house, (which might seem like a silly measure to some), ..it’s the measure that I always use before spending (my money) or casting (my vote) ..and it has always served me well.

Welcome back anytime, Chuck.

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James from Boise,                       (What’s your Policy).

I’m a white guy that didn’t finish high school so I joined the military to support my wife and kid. Six months ago I was proud to be an American defending my country.

Now I can’t look my family or friends in the eyes because I had to sign up on public assistance to feed my family.

You should write more about impeaching Obama, all he’s done since he’s been in the White House is divide the nation and play golf.

In my Opinion - Finished

Hello James, thank you for visiting my site and thank you for your narrative and for your enkindling suggestion to impeach Obama…

According to Webster: “en·kin·dling,” v. To make luminous and glowing.

Although I get that suggestion at least 100 times a month, I can’t recall anyone ever providing a more appropriate basis for impeachment.

Drop-in again when the spirit moves you, Chuck.

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Marcia from Galveston,                           (By Definition).

Great read, humorous, informative, political and anti-Obama, what more could a girl ask for?

I’ve been reading your blather for more than a year, every morning, how do you do it?

In my Opinion - Finished

Hello Marcia, thank you for patronizing my site, thank you for your narrative and thank you for your kindness.

When I was in school, (for that brief moment), I really like to read and although (at the time) I could never imagine myself with the capacity to manipulate words in a fashion that would attract anyone to read what I might write, ..I was intrigued by those that could.

What I didn’t realize (at the time), is that writing isn’t really writing, ..it’s simply telling a story.

Question: What does one do when one tells a story? They talk, or at least that was the method I used and when it came to talking, I quickly learned there were damn few that could compete with me.

not shy 2

Writing a blog, a manifesto, an epitaph or the Declaration of Independence is in actuality, no more than saying what’s on your mind and since the good Lord, and/or, “God,” provided us all with a mind and an (imagination,) when you make the connection, there really isn’t anything that you can’t do.

And that my dear in a nutshell is how a high school dropout, (not only) can do it, ..but does do it.

In closing, something to ponder; …

great flexibility Mr. Pres

“Common sense” like persistence (is not) an obstacle,

albeit, the lack of common sense and persistence is!

Truth forges understanding, I’ll be back tomorrow

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