Further clarification..

In my offering (March 5, 2013) entitled; “Adolf Hitler, in black and white.” I once again made reference to Barack Obama’s inadequacy as the leader of America…

 free stuff 2

..posting the image above to emphasize (my opinion) as to why Barack Obama was reelected.

Which inspired a reader to write; “As a student working part-time while going to school in an economy in which, as you have written, is circling the drain, government programs are necessary to ensure that the next generation is qualified to carry on.”

Assuming that the individual is serious and in college, to him or her I inquire; “What do you mean by “carry-on?”

 college party 5

(College students, drinking to their future.)

Having bypass the joys of college for the necessities of life, such as eating and in protecting myself from the elements and society by covering my body with weather appropriate attire purchased at a retail store by remunerations earned, I cannot speak directly about the advantages of a university education. Albeit I can speak directly about the advantages of self-reliance and personal responsibility.

 Hillary Clinton 2a

 Hillary Clinton, “wide-eyed and grinning” in front of the stars and stripes, attests to authoring a book in 1996, entitled; “It takes a village,” ..albeit reportedly, the (majority) of the book was written by ghostwriter Barbara Fienman.


The title of the book is attributed to an African proverb: (It takes a village to raise a child).


While were on the subject of African villages? Speaking for myself; I’m quite proud of my Segue.

According to Webster: “se·gue,”  To make a transition directly from one section or theme to another.

 Barack Obama's grandmother 4

Barack Obama’s 91 year old grandmother leads celebrations in his ancestral Kenyan village…

 Barack Obama's village 1

Nov 7, 2012 – Supporters rejoiced where Barack Obama’s late father – also named Barack … the tiny village in western Kenya where Obama’s 91-year-old grandmother celebrated his reelection win through the day on Wednesday with an unofficial holiday and people dancing in the streets, offering prayers of praise and slaughtering prize bulls.

Question: “So what does Barack Obama’s reelection have to do with a Kenyan village, ..Hillary Clinton’s book, ..and Adolf Hitler?

Great question, glad someone asked,…

 Cheshire Cat Smile 1

(Great large Cheshire Cat smile), .. 

Beginning with Adolf Hitler, a man that history has indicted as a monstrous reprobate…

According to Webster: “rep·ro·bate,” A morally unprincipled person. 2. One who is predestined to damnation. –


..a man who with purpose and forethought set about to…

 Change 4

…the world. Of course viewing Hitler in hindsight, it takes little stretch of the imagination to understand that Hitler’s ideology was flawed.

Nonetheless, in a nation suffering from a declining economy, Adolf Hitler was seen (at the time) as a Messiah.

According to Webster: “Mes·si·ah,” (in context) A leader who is regarded as a savior or liberator.


In Hillary Clinton’s book: “It takes a village,” ..her goal is to convince her readers that parents, (by themselves) are not enough, ..and/or, (inadequate) to raise a child in the modern world as if “nature” had somehow suddenly left the building.

Accordingly, (at least in my opinion) Hillary Clinton and her ilk, (popularly) referred to as progressive liberals, ..and/or, my favorite, (total idiots), have lost touch, not only with their own nature, but with nature in general.

According to Webster: “na·ture,”  (in context)  The forces and processes that produce and control all the phenomena of the material world.

Question: What does that mean? Well, (in my opinion) ..and since this is my blog, it is (my opinion) ..as always, that I will be providing today.

Over the last 24 months I have published (my opinion) of a (myriad) and (variety) of subjects, to include anthropology, religion, and of course my favorite, ..politics!

In the field of anthropology, ..it is published that the ancestry of mankind dates back to 2,100 Million years, in Taxonomic rank, domain, (Eukaryota), ..and/or, ..identified as (cells with a nucleus).

Between “Eukaryota” ..and the genus “Homo sapiens” ..or, human beings, ..Neanderthals, ..Homo erectus, ..and their direct descendents, it is published that the development of Homo sapiens passed through twenty-two distinct divisions of development. Which of course, for my current purpose, I choose to bypass.

For my purpose today, which is not the (nature) of mankind, but the (nurture) of mankind?

According to Webster: “nur·ture,” (in context)  To educate; train; To assist in development.

My example for today’s offering, ..is again, ..as it has been so many times (my favorite) example; “Barack Obama.”

A controversial individual that, (unfortunately for America) during his formative years was predominantly influenced by communist grandparents, an atheist mother and an absent Muslim father.

All the ingredients any parent could ever wish for, if their dream for their child was to have him grow up prepared to strap a bomb on himself and take a bus ride.

Barack Obama is who he is, the problem with that is, at least for America, is that no one that voted to reelect him, ..knows who he is.

Albeit anyone who survives the next four years in America or on the planet earth, ..will know who he is.

I am your duly elected leader 2

..and they’re not going to like him. 

Think about it, I’ll be back tomorrow


Crusader Rabbit…

Postscript: …

Mark twain quote 1



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