More Specifically..

According to Webster: spe·cif“i·cal·ly (in context)  Concerned particularly with the subject specified.

Barack Obama and his anti-constitutional agenda…

 Barack Obama's stand on the Con

Over the last 24 months and/or, two years I have researched Barack Hussein Obama from the bowels of cyberspace, and into the heart of his own published words, conclude that I have never encountered more of an enigma, ..even from the Masters, include Hitchcock and Serling.

 the Masters 2a

 Alfred Hitchcock                              Rod Serling

Question: How’m I doing so far? 

Barack Obama on domestic policy…

I want to work 1 

Barack Obama on foreign-policy…

 Obama foreign-policy 1

Barack Obama’s tax reform…

squeezing the public 1 

Barack Obama on urban development…

 homeless in America 3

Barack Obama on immigration…

 immigration policy 1

Barack Obama on protecting children…

drug deal at school 1 

Barack Obama on protecting American citizens…

 armed drone in America 1


For the lay-person, ..and/or, ..for those of you who (are not) “Dendrologist,” ..I offer “you” the following; The trees in the background in the image above are “Joshua trees,” ..Joshua trees are only found in (two locations) ..on the entire planet, the State of Israel, ..and the Mojave Desert.


The Obama administration and honesty…

 associate liars 1

The Obama administration on the National debt…

 national debt 2

..and of course my favorite;

Barack Obama on gun control…

 Barack Obama two-faced 1

Barack Obama

the Second Amendment 2a

  Think about it, I’ll be back tomorrow


Crusader Rabbit…

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