How is always more important than when..

how is more important

America is not a province of any foreign entity, America is the most powerful nation on the planet Earth, America is a sovereign nation, America is beholding to no one other than its citizens,’s (legal) citizens.

Our founding fathers blessed America and its citizens, it’s (legal) citizens, with a Constitution that provides more freedom and opportunities to its citizens, it’s (legal) citizens, than any other nation on the planet.

America is not subject to the laws, ideologies, “impulses” or religious beliefs of the Middle East, India, China, Russia or a combination of any thereof.

The U.S. Constitution is a conservative document written by conservative men to provide conservative opportunities and freedoms to conservative individuals.

founding fathers strip

Our founding fathers, George Washington, James Madison, Andy Jackson, Thomas Jefferson, and John Adams were not a “cluster hump” of liberal pantywaists that negotiated with empty words, ..they negotiated with muskets and cannons.

Continental Army 4

America, “The Real America,” is currently (once again), in an all-out war for its sovereignty and its Constitution.

It’s a war opposed to (anti-constitutional) liberalism, stupidity, socialism, communism and ideologies that fly in the face of every freedom America was founded to provide.


Islam is not a nation with boundaries or rules that provide for the perpetuation or survival of anyone or anything other than the “ideology” of Islam.

(In this writer’s considered opinion ), it is not within the scope of humanity for any “human being” to (deny the right of life) to another based on his or her ideology.

written in stone

Well, there is one thing written in stone…

nothing is set in stone 1a

It is said that history is written by those that conquer and for my money,’s an articulation one can take to the bank.

Pick a time and a place in history, as every time and place in history holds the same value in mankind’s quest for survival.

Another $64,000 Question; “Why do people disagree?”

If you’d like the simple, and/or, the conservative answer; …

“Man disagrees with man, because although man through his ability to reason, and/or “imagine,” himself as something more than an animal, ..we are indeed and in fact, ..animals.

Question: For those of you with grand, and/or, at least better than average intellects; “Why don’t jackals eat bears?”

Answer: Jackals don’t eat bears, ..because bears don’t let jackals eat them.

America is a bear

America is a Bear.

America has suffered through six years of degradation under Barack Obama and his socialist/communist policies, we are a strong nation, we are a nation of bears, so jackals beware.

643 more days

Albeit a sad circumstance, ..America can tolerate Obama for another 735 days (January 20, 2017) ..until “we,” Americans can “wash away” the stench of his socialistic (brain fart) and recover America to its former glory as “our” founding fathers intended it to be.

According to Webster: “deg·ra·da·tion,” (context) A decline to a lower condition, quality, or level.

Truth forges understanding, I’ll be back tomorrow

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