Marketing Fear..

campfire stories 1

Marketing fear is not a new “modality” in America, or around the globe.

According to Webster: “mode,” A manner, way, or method of doing or acting.

Although it is rarely, if ever enjoyable for the recipient of fear, and/or, terror, “we” human beings, (all of us), one time or another, have enjoyed scaring the “bejesus” out of someone.

I was like four years old the first time I saw the original 1932, “Boris Karloff” version of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein and it was unequivocally the most frightening event in my life…

Frankenstein monster the time, because size matters when it comes to fear.

According to Webster: “fear,” (in context) An intense feeling of anxiety caused by the presence or imminence of danger.

marketing fear (2)

According to Webster: “knowl·edge,” (in context) Awareness and understanding gained through experience or study.


In simpler terms, ..when you understand the boundaries and limits of the bogeyman, ..he isn’t scary at all.

Of course, when the bogeyman has no boundaries, no limits and no opposition, the bogeyman can be a formidable force for his cause, and/or, ..his agenda.

My wife and I have an eleven pound calico cat that we call Sadie..

Sadie close 1a


The name Sadie originates in the Hebrew language and it’s a diminutive of the name Sarah. In the Bible, Sarah was the wife of Abraham and the mother of Isaac.

Sarah and Abraham - depiction

(Sarah and Abraham – depiction).

She was a woman of great beauty. Sarah means Princess.


Sadie is both lovable and loving, albeit the latter is shared only at her resolve.

Cats are animals, predators to those of less stature and prey for those that are larger.

cat and bird 3

Sadie doesn’t catch birds because she’s hungry, it’s strictly a show and tell thing with her. In fact, when we offer her a bite of tuna or chicken, she simply sniffs it and walks away.

Spoiled? ..yes!  A Hunter? ..yes!  A Killer, ..No!

Just because a creature is classified as an animal, it doesn’t make it bad.

Individually, all human beings discharging their duty to their family, are good people.

humanity 2

The rub with (humanity) comes when men gather to discuss politics, religion or the “score” of Saturday evening’s peewee league hockey game.

A responsible parent will spend an enormous amount of time and energy in their child’s formative years to teach their child right from wrong, so why is the world so screwed up?

Simple; not enough responsible parents!

child without parents 1a

This child will not see his 21st Birthday above ground.

As sad and horrifying as the image above is, I still can’t help from wondering if Barack Obama derives a certain pleasure or gratification from it?

In this writer’s humble opinion, if you are the president of the United States and you have the capacity to end the “horrors” as depicted above and you “choose” not to,’re as guilty as that lad with the gun.

I mean come on people, it’s a no-brainer for those of us that have been there and done that. Killers aren’t fighters, they’re craven cowards that impose their will over others via (threat) and (murder).

A Question in closing: Why do the folks that call themselves leaders, ..never lead?

me - 1965. 2jpg

Having up close and “personal” experience in Vietnam as a (machine gunner) in 1965, I have the credentials to state that the only true “leaders” in war, are the men marching towards the sound of the guns in front of you.

Obama do nothing 1a

People that set behind desks bring nothing to the table when the shooting starts, and you can take that to the bank.

Truth forges understanding, I’ll be back tomorrow

Crusader Rabbit Logo - COLOR 1a

Crusader Rabbit…


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