Grasping Whimology..

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By virtue of the fact that I am a Homo sapien, I understand what it is to be a Homo sapien as “competently” as anyone can understand what it is to be a Homo sapien.

Keeping that in mind, “Good Morning,” are you ready for a little more of (my opinion) as to why…

Lady liberty underwater 1

..America is Sinking?

who is Barack Obama 2a

The quick answer; Because an extremely charismatic, albeit “unknown” quantity played the race card – like the race card has never been played before.

At this point, one might think that someone in my position would jump straight into quoting Abraham Lincoln when he expounded; …

“You can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time.

..but you’ve all heard that a million times, so let’s move on.

In my Forum on Sunday I published a comment from my friend Tom who is an agent with the Veterans Administration, a grand and proud organization with many grand and proud advocates working vigilantly to provide for the needs of our veterans, – wounded or otherwise.

So when the news broke this last week about the corruption in the agency (at the top), which of course, (as we all know), is where “corruption” blossoms to its fullest bloom, – it was a compound kick in the gut to folks like my friend Tom, and all of the men and women who advocate for our veterans with dedication to their jobs and to this nation.

And for anyone that isn’t quite sure, you bet your sweet ass I’m flag-waving for those who provide, – because you sure as hell can’t wave a flag for those who connive, – and/or, – “our” overcompensated and over trusted Government department heads.

I also introduced my friend Kenny in my Sundays Forum and crowed about all the “tidbits” and “whatnot” that he sends me pretty much every day…

Will Rogers quote 2a

..he sent this one Saturday.

Barack Obama hit the ground running in 2007 with a promise of a better life and a better nation for all Americans. Spouting his progressive liberal rhetoric of hope and change, he hasn’t even come close.

In fact, from anyone with the integrity to speak the truth, the only thing (right-thinking) Americans are “hoping” for at this point, is a “change” of the name on the mailbox at…

White House - stretched 1a

..1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

I’ve been shouting (my message) from every venue at hand for more than three years and although I’m very pleased with my personal efforts, in reality, my efforts wouldn’t even make a shadow on a bright sunny day.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the number of voting age American citizens in 2012 numbered (240,926,957), and with (130,292,355) actual ballots counted, that leaves (us), and/or, “America” with (110,634,602) voting age citizens who (didn’t bother) to get up off of their “lazy butts” to participate.

almost half - graphic

So who are these people, the (almost half) of “our” voting age population that didn’t bother?

The truth, they’re your next door neighbor, – the checker at Walmart, – the guy you bought your car from, – the plumber you call when your sink is back up, – they’re (110,634,602), Americans that don’t understand, – “If you’re not part of the solution,” – your part of the problem.

Truth forges understanding, I’ll be back…

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Crusader Rabbit…

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