Blame – Volume 2

          who is to blame 1a

Question: Is the government to blame for America’s current debacle? 

…or are the People?

According to Webster: “de·ba·cle,” (in context), A disastrous collapse or downfall. 

yes and yes 1

campaigning for president 1Romney and Obama - or 1aAmerica's comic relief 2a

The office of President of the United   States, ..(at least in my opinion), ..isn’t a reality show, ..or a platform for comedians.

Albeit, ..admittedly America’s candidates for the office over the last couple of decades have been rather funny. 

not funny ha ha 1

According to Webster: “pe·cu·liar,” (in context) Unusual, or odd; different from others; strange. 

imagining yourself a fool 1a

Although imagining yourself a fool, ..does (indeed) make you a fool… 

imagining yourself a God 1a

..imagining yourself a God, (does not) make you a God, ..or a (suitable) President!

According to Webster: “suit·a·ble,” Appropriate to the purpose.

What the hell in a handbasket, where in (our history) did all the capable, patriotic men like George Washington, James Monroe, and Andrew Jackson disappear to?

Question: Who decided that a man working with his hands wasn’t good enough? ..or that a woman raising children was somehow (less) than a women setting in an office?

Who’s to blame, I really want to know and not just when the transition happened, ..but (why) the transition happened?

Nancy and Hillary 1a

Is the desire for women like Hillary Clinton and Nancy Pelosi what drives men to seek wealth, power and celebrity?

inquiring minds want to know

Kate Upton - actress and model

What do Hillary and Nancy have that Kate Upton is lacking? 

page break - blue wave 2a

Believes it or not, there is a (natural order) to things, “Night following day,” – “The chicken and the egg,” – “Knowledge vs Common Sense.”

We’ve all heard the one about the farmer getting off of his tractor to explain to the guy in the Lincoln town car how to remove one lug nut from each of his other three wheels to continue on his way after one of his wheels came off…

Being a high school dropout and learning everything I know by doing instead of listening to a lecture, I tend to side with the farmer as the man who’s going to survive adversity with less stress.

After all, who doesn’t know that (stress) will kill you. 

So why do men (and some women) seek the most stressful job on the planet?

ambition 2a

According to Webster: “am·bi·tion,” (in context) An eager or strong desire to achieve something, such as power.

Frank and Jesse James 1a

(Frank and Jesse James).

Alexander Franklin “Frank” and Jesse Woodson James were outlaws, ..(bank robbers), ..(train robbers), ..and (murderers) from the state of Missouri and the most famous member of the James-Younger Gang.

Celebrities while they were alive, ..they ultimately became legendary figures of the Wild West…


According to Webster: “leg·end,” (in context) A romanticized or popularized myth of modern times.


..after his death. Some recent scholars placed Frank and Jesse in the context of regional insurgents following the Civil War rather than a manifestation of frontier lawlessness or alleged economic justice.

Jesse and Frank James were both Confederate guerrillas during the War, and they were both accused of participating in atrocities committed against Union soldiers.

After the war, as members of one gang or another, they robbed banks, stagecoaches, and trains. Despite popular portrayals of the James brothers as Robin Hoods, “robbing from the rich” and “giving to the poor,” there is (no evidence) that they and their gang used their robbery gains for anyone but themselves.

reaper background  - enter Obamas 1

Barack and Michelle partying

(Barack and Michelle Obama). 

Barack Hussein Obama and Michelle LaVaughn “Robinson” Obama, currently the President and First Lady of the United States, are progressive liberal socialists who (rose to power) in America (in my considered opinion), via the race card, lies and empty promises.

According to published accounts of the couples early years, Barack/Berry attended elementary, and/or, grade school in Jakarta, Indonesia as an Indonesian citizen and high school in Hawaii as an American citizen? Although there are ( no ) records available to the public to verify that fact.

What is available to the public, is the fact that Barack Obama was admitted to Columbia University on a “scholarship” as a (foreign student). Albeit, (at least while he enjoys the office of President of the United States), his admission records and transcripts will be under lock and key.

..and with being a traditional conservative and a high school drop out, I’m not at all sure if I’m “qualified” to understand the word transparent in the context that its utilized by the Obama administration?

the cold truth - graphic

My door is always open…

..all you have to do is get past my armed guards!

According to Webster: “trans·par·ent,” (in context) Candid or open.

Times’ up for this episode, ..blame “David,” he called while I was toiling on this offering…

Truth forges understanding, I’ll be back tomorrow

Crusader Rabbit Logo - COLOR 1a

Crusader Rabbit…

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