What is a parent?

Mitt Romney and Family

According to Webster: par·ent, One who begets, gives birth to, or nurtures and raises a child; a father or a mother.

I don’t know about you? ..albeit as definitions go, I’d say that Webster’s definition defining the essence of a “parent” ..is emphatically unambiguous, ..and/or, straightforward.

In my particular, and/or (personal case,) I and my siblings were blessed with two extremely wonderful individuals that put the well-being of my siblings and I before themselves at every turn while we journeyed towards adulthood. In other words, I had AAA, five-star parents.

And now, since I never miss an opportunity to compare my life to that of our current commander-in-chief, let’s take a look at his parents…


Mr. and Mrs. Barack Obama (Circa 1960 – ‘61)



Barack Obama senior

By all accounts, ..with the exception (of course) ..of those related in Barack Obama junior’s tome, “Dreams of my Father,” ..describe Barack Obama senior, as an ambitious self-indulgent, self aggrandized womanizer, who after failing to meet his own expectations and the expectations of his sponsors, became a pathetic alcoholic.


Stanley Ann Dunham 

By my research, a stalwart atheist, a Marxist (card-carrying) communist and a somewhat self indulgent individual herself as a mother, ..who found it much more convenient to pursue her chosen lifestyle by parking her son with his grandparents.


Father and Son Obama, – (1971)

While recovering from a severe automobile wreak, Barack Obama senior visited his son in Hawaii. This would be the last time father and son would meet. Barack Obama senior died as a result of drinking and driving.


Mother and son Obama – (in Hawaii)

Appearing joyful, would serve to demonstrate that even folks that don’t believe in God or the principles that provided them with everything they had, ..can still enjoy themselves.

Question: So what have we learned here today?

We’ve learned that freeloaders and anti-American zealots enjoy themselves, and hopefully (we’ve) learned that those of us that (provide for freeloaders) ..are (way over due) ..to make some adjustments.

Think about it, I’ll be back tomorrow

Crusader Rabbit…

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