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According to Merriam-Webster: “cap·i·tal·ism,” An economic system in which the production and distribution of goods and services are privately or corporately owned and reinvestment of profits gained in a free market.

Borrowing from the title of Thursday’s blog; “An Inconvenient Truth,” this has been a snail’s pace week for comments here at “Pearls of Profundity.”

Which of course has inspired me to consider whether or not? Devoting the (time and energy) to inform the uninformed has any “redeemable” value?

According to Webster: re·deem“a·ble,” (in context) To make up for; …

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I am an American who grew up under the governance of a self-reliant responsible man who supported his wife and raised six children via capitalism.

My father’s formal education came to an end in the eighth grade, albeit my father was as far from being a simple man as you could find on the planet. My father had blue-collar hands and a white-collar mind that carried him from digging ditches and carrying “hod” to managing one of the largest airports in Southern California.

hod carrier 3

According to Webster: “hod,”  A trough carried over the shoulder for transporting loads, as of bricks or mortar.

I am a traditional American conservative who believes in capitalism for the simple reason that I supported myself my entire life by working with-in the system. Operative word in that last sentence, (working).

I have absolutely no respect for “able-bodied” men or women who walk past the application forms for employment to fill out an application form for assistance.

Barack Obama 2a  - community organi

Which of course follows that I have even (less respect) for individuals, “men or women,” ..who take to the streets in pursuit of individuals, (men and women), to solicit and recruit “their” participation in applying for government assistance.

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According to Webster: “hon·or,” A code of integrity, dignity, and pride.

Below, please review an; (eye-bite) created by a progressive liberal – “anti-capitalist” – buffoon.

capitalism isn't working 2

Ya gotta love an individual who has been so corrupted by liberal rhetoric that they truly believe (working people) the people who provide the taxes that fund their welfare checks are the “nastiest” (his or her word) ..not mine, people on the planet.

Roger Moore - parasite capitali

Individuals you don’t have to love are parasites like “Michael Moore” a (liberal) who has accrued an estimated $50 million dollars by selling tickets to his documentaries that depict the downfall of America and civilization due to capitalism.

Michael Moore in the real world is by anyone’s definition a..

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America deserves the truth 1

Barack Obama moved through life from a welfare child, to a welfare, and/or, “scholarship” student, into a (parasitic) form, popularly known as a community organizer, and/or, (a public servant), into the Illinois state Senate, (a public servant), into the U.S. Senate, (a public servant), ..into the Oval Office, (a public servant).

Although I’m quite sure that it will come as a great surprise to many liberals, and/or, (members of the free lunch bunch), liberal “public servants” ..who produce (nothing but deficits), that are funded by the capitalists who get out of bed “every morning” and go to work, (earn) “a paycheck,” a (paycheck) that provides the taxes, ..that (support) our representatives, and/or, ..the “clowns” that provide the circus for the 6 o’clock news.

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(These people are absolutely correct). 

Another, and/or, other worlds are possible, not only possible, they’re available…

downtown Egypt 1

(Beautiful downtown Egypt).

downtown Syria 1

 (Beautiful downtown Syria).

downtown Libya 1

(Beautiful downtown Libya).

downtown Iraq 1

(Beautiful downtown Iraq).

downtown Iran

(Beautiful downtown Iran). 

Simply log on to…

Orbitz 2a



..and make your reservations today! 

Don’t spend another moment living under the insecurity and abuse of capitalism.

back on earth 1a

Question: Can anyone explain to me (how and why) the folks who claim to hate America and capitalism with such passion, enjoy the rides at Disneyland and the 31 flavors at Baskin-Robbins so fervently?

Postscript; “I established this website as an outlet for opinion and information that (I believe in) ..albeit “CAPITALISM” (high) on my registry, the “comment function” on this website is for “eliciting” readers comments regarding my blather (pro or con) is not intended as a harbor for commercial ads.”

Accordingly I beseech my readers to respect that boundary.

Thank You, I’ll be back tomorrow


Crusader Rabbit…

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