Solicitation, the Sequel..

Obamacare is a tax 1

America is (unequivocally) the most generous nation on the planet and the American people are (unequivocally) the most charitable.

Generosity and Charity are indeed admirable attributes, with that said, ..”apathy and ignorance” are an abomination.

According to Webster: “gen·er·os·i·ty,” (in context)  Nobility of thought or behavior; magnanimity.

According to Webster: “char·i·ty,” Provision of help or relief to the poor and needy.


 (True charity, begins at home – with the family).

food without family

Of course, to fully understand “true charity,” it is required that one grows up in a home with the family.

Unless of course you’re a Democrat with no friends, in which case, you have to eat with a guy you work with…

apathy - in the Oval Office

According to Webster: “ap·a·thy,” (in context) Lack of interest or concern.

Obama campaign 1

(Ignorance – at its pinnacle).

According to Webster: “ig·no·rance,” The condition of being uneducated, unaware, or uninformed.

we love Obamacare 1

(It’s true – a mind is a terrible thing to waste).

According to Webster: “a·bom·i·na·tion,” (in context) Disgust.

socialism sucks - page break 2a

Question: If you’re an employed adult (man or woman) in the United States, ..or “anywhere on the planet,” ..what, (in your most fervent and considered opinion) the largest drain on your paycheck?

US Capitol building 1


Question: What is a donation?

Salvation Army bucket 1

(The Salvation Army is an “honest” and appropriate charity).

According to Webster: “do·na·tion,” (in context) A gift or grant; a contribution.

IRS building 2

(The IRS is a device – not a service). 

According to Webster: “de·vice,” A contrivance serving a particular purpose,

Question: What is a tax?

According to Webster: “tax,” (traditionally) A contribution for the support of a government required of persons, groups, or businesses within the domain of that government.

empty pockets 6

(In current context) A burdensome or excessive demand; a strain.

page break - flag - page break 2A

Question: What is a government?

Barack and Michelle partying

 (Michele and I are doing quite nicely – thank you).

According to Webster: “gov·ern·ment,” (in context) Exercise of authority in a political arena; rule.

socialism sucks - page break 2a

Question: What is the purpose of a government?

lost my job - sign 1

According to the U.S. (Declaration of Independence) ..the purpose of the U.S. Government is to secure natural rights for the people and protect those rights.

page break - flag - page break 2A


founding fathers 6a

As example; The right to free speech is a natural right. The right to protect yourself, your property, and your family is a natural right. The right to pursue happiness and opportunity is a natural right.

welfare recipients 4

To be supported by your neighbors is not a natural right.

Obamacare is affordable 1a

To lie and mislead the American people is not a natural right.



EBT - cards 1

..and (E.B.T Cards), ..are not natural rights.


page break - flag - page break 2A

Question: Who is supposed to determine how America’s tax dollars are spent?

People with Jobs 1

The taxpayers !

Undeniable Historic Fact: The United States of America is a Democratic Republic.

Question: What is a Democratic Republic?

A democratic republic is a country that is both a republic and a democracy. A Democratic Republic is a government where the ultimate authority and power is derived from its citizens. (Source, Wikipedia).

Question: What is a constant?

The first two things that come to my mind are…


(The U.S. Constitution…

statue - flag raising (2)

 ..and America’s proud history).

According to Webster: “con·stant,” Continually occurring; Unchanging in nature, value, or extent; invariable.

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Editorial: When I was a child in school a number of firemen would visit annually to provide instruction about what to do if your house caught on fire.

The firemen were always dressed in their brilliant yellow protective gear and always made it extremely clear as what to do? If our home caught on fire.

We were instructed to remain calm as panic is no one’s friend. We were also taught what to do if the fire became personal, ..and/or, the cloths we were wearing caught on fire?

stop drop and roll poster 1

 (Damn good advice)

..and it is not outdated. Albeit with that said, ..with America facing three more years of Barack Obama in the Oval Office, and addendum might be in order to better salvage America for the folks who are still here after 2016…

And of course, my advice, and/or, suggestion would be to..

stop drop and roll - Obamacare 1a

According to Webster: “ad·vice,” Opinion about what could or should be done about a situation or problem; counsel.

According to Webster: coun·sel,” (in context) Advice and guidance.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to understand my offerings, counsel, advice and guidance are commodities that should be available from the person in charge, i.e., ..the leader.

The following image is of a “man,” (a homeless man), who served this nation, he does not deserve to be homeless.

this man was a Marine

 (This “man” was a Marine – he will always be a Marine – Semper Fi).

this post is a parasite

(This “punk” is a parasite…

parasite 1a

 ..he will always be a parasite). 

Truth forges understanding, I’ll be back tomorrow


Crusader Rabbit…

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