Wisdom from History, ..the lazy bone?

the lazy bone 1a

Question: Why do Homo sapiens, and/or, human beings, elect, and/or, designate governors to make their decisions?

According to Webster: “gov·er·nor,” A person who governs, especially: “The chief executive of a state in the United States.”

Question: Why have parents, (in America), forsaken their duties as parents?

With the rhetoric bandied about by politicians, bureaucrats and news commentators alike concerning the importance of the welfare of America’s children, it would seem (at least in my humble opinion) as though someone somewhere should “actually” be responsible for the welfare of America’s children.

Question: Is Barack Obama responsible for America’s children? After all Barack Obama is the president of the United States, isn’t he supposed to be responsible for everything?

Question: Is Kathleen Sibelius responsible for the welfare of America’s children? After all, Kathleen Sibelius is the secretary of health and human services.

Question: Does the responsibility for America’s children fall within the purview of the department of health and human services?

Question: Is Eric holder responsible for America’s children? After all, Eric holder is the attorney general of the United States.

Question: Does the responsibility for America’s children fall within the purview of the Atty. Gen.’s office?

Question: With Janet Napolitano’s resignation as Sec. of homeland security, is America currently secure?

Statement of fact; If your child, or one of your children break the law in America, (guess what) when you walk into a courtroom anywhere in America with your child, if he or she has offended the law, …

you are responsible 1A

Question: So why don’t (you) take the responsibility and raise your child to be respectful, moral and law-abiding?

covered wagon headed west 2

The men and women who braved the elements and the perils of migration to settling this great nation taught their children to be respectful, moral and law-abiding.

texting and tweeting 1

But then I suppose in the age of iPhones, texting, tweeting and the availability of virtual rape murder and mayhem at societies fingertips, things like respect, morality and laws are pretty much (old hat).

John Wayne - old hat 5a  sig


super nanny 1

(Jo Frost).

Supernanny starring Jo Frost was originally broadcast in the UK, reaching nearly 5 million viewers in the first series, with consistently high ratings. Supernanny USA is also shown on Channel 4.

Fact: (a depressing fact) ..at least in my humble opinion, that the (multibillion-dollar) broadcasting industry in America can’t find a single individual, ..with the “intellect, ..and imagination” to create and produce an original television show.

I mean come on folks, we sent the British home in 1783, so why are we restocking our shelves with them now?

Not that I have anything against the British, ..as my father’s heritage was pretty much (Heinz 57), ..I have a percentage of British blood coursing through my veins, but not so much that I want to burn the Constitution, ..and depend on ilk like Barack Obama to protect me from ilk like Barack Obama.

personal responsibility 2 - page

The Declaration of Independence was not composed to impose (indenture) upon the working men and women living in the America, it was composed to emancipate them from indenture.

indentured Americans 1a

According to Webster: in·den·ture (in context) A contract binding one party into the service of another for a specified term…

A term, (in the mind) of King George the third, unequivocally (set in stone) ..that was forever.

self-reliance - page break 1A

Moses on the Mount 3a jpg

When God spoke to Moses on Mount Sinai, he did not say; “I’ve created these Ten Commandments to guide mankind, until mankind sees fit to change them.”

10 Commandments - in stone 1a

The Ten Commandments are God’s laws!

God created the Ten Commandments to guide mankind for eternity.

devotion - page break 1a

Our founding fathers to a man, consciously followed God’s example when they created the U.S. Constitution.

Except that “our founding fathers” made provisions for the addition of laws as appropriate.

However, “our” founding fathers wisely made no provisions to delete or alter any part of the Constitution, ..and/or, ..the laws that they deemed inalienable.

Interpretation might be a wonderful thing if an individual is strolling through an art museum, nevertheless, (at least in my humble opinion) ..interpretation has no place in man’s purview concerning America’s, ..basic, and/or, ..fundamental laws.

allegiance - page break 1a

During Barack Obama’s campaign for the office of president, it was claimed that he was a constitutional scholar, ..yet no record of Barack Obama’s school transcripts or grades have ever been published.

Question: Does anyone wonder about that?

According to Webster: won·der,” (in context) To be filled with curiosity or doubt.

failure 1

Being that (in my considered opinion), as Barack Obama has been a monumental failure as “Commander-in-Chief” ..of the United States, ..reason and my “God given Common Sense” tell me that he was a failure in school as well.

Question: Why else would Barack Obama, (an individual who advocates transparency) choose to keep his school transcripts hidden from the people he works for?

Conjecture: Maybe for the same reason he won’t provide a legitimate birth certificate?

Fidelity - page break 1a

Political logos 2

Editorial: America is not an amusement park for any one individual or any one group of individuals, regardless of the logos “they” badge themselves with.

Since Barack Obama has been in office, America has been inundated by one scandal after another, ..the G.S.A., ..Fast and furious, ..Benghazi, ..the F.B.I., ..the I.R.S., ..the Secret Service, ..when’s it gonna end? ..or is it going to end?

My prediction; It’s not going to end, it’s going to get worse, the progressive liberal ilk currently in Washington, ..and/or, (the Obama administration), ..has been challenging (our) Constitution, (yours and mine) ..since the first day that he, “Barack Obama,” stepped into the Oval Office, ..and “he,” and “they,” ..are painfully aware of how many (actual) days that “he” and “they” have before “he” and “they” are out of juice.

Consequently, “he” and “they” ..are in a frustrated (no win) race with the clock and the calendar to legislate as much socialistic crap into law as they can before the Obama’s return to their home on the South side of Chicago, ..where (at least in my humble opinion) ..the “unfortunate” Secret Service agents (unlucky enough) to be assigned to him and his, ..will be drawing combat pay twenty-four seven for the duration.

commitment - page break 1a

Notwithstanding, ..since I’m pretty well burned out on barking for today, ..for all of you (out there) in “inquisitiveland” ..who didn’t “get it,” ..when you log on, ..I suppose I should satisfy your curiosity concerning which particular bone in the human body I consider the lazy bone?

human brain - gray background 1a

The one that houses this. 

Truth forges understanding, I’ll be back tomorrow


Crusader Rabbit…

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