Love is a Lifetime..

love is a lifetime 1a

Good morning boys and girls, I begin my offering/blather this morning with a “heartfelt” apology to my readers for “up and leaving” last week without a word.

Albeit as I quickly learned to jocularly replied to “Kelley” and the (fantastic staff) on the sixth floor at “Rapid City Regional Hospital” when asked a question for which I had no answer; “I would like to respond, ..but unfortunately, I recently had a stroke. 🙂



A soliloquy that I’m sure Kenny and Bob “both” will enjoy.

According to Webster: “so·lil·o·quy,” A dramatic or literary form of discourse in which a character reveals his or her thoughts when alone or unaware of the presence of other characters.


Although Kelly is definitely the rock on the sixth floor, I owe a genuine heartfelt “thank you” to everyone from Tim to Rose, as well as a heartfelt apology to everyone who cared for me that I unfortunately was unable to learn their names.

My excuse, (not because I had a stroke), but rather because I’ve been a “lifelong loser” when it comes to (remembering) people’s names, with the rare exception of course, of those special individuals who possess a smile that radiates from their entire being.

Thank you for your smile Anna.

Neither last nor least, the doctors that tended to my “fubar” were appreciatively upfront and candid and since reality is my bag, my heartfelt appreciation goes to them as well.

Although expressing my appreciation and my love for those that cared for me in the hospital and for my good friends who rallied to pray for me, Greg, Gabriel and Steve, ..Ed, ..Kenny and Bob and David and Tonya, and my niece Kimberly, and my daughter Chery in California, and my daughter Crystal and Montana and my son Steven who resides on Anderson Island and my readers like Kenny and Bob and aunt Bodie and Ruthie in London and all the rest to numerous for my (fuzzy gray matter) to currently deal with.

I love and appreciate you all.

Again, not last nor least, my wife Linda, who has endured my being for more than 30 years and my brother Clifford who is, (if nothing else) a “pillar of granite” especially when it comes to (being there) for family.

I would love to continue this session, (as those of you who read my blather fully understand; (I love to ratta ratta), albeit as the infamous nemesis of the elderly, and/or, old people, “fatigue” is currently gnawing at my ankles, well as my (fuzzy gray matter), I’m going to put this “old horse” back in the barn until tomorrow.

Thank you all for hanging in there with me and please know that I love you all.

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Crusader Rabbit…

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