Open to Life..

open (2)

According to Webster: “o·pen,” (in context) adj. Free from limitations and boundaries; Willing to consider.

For those of us with an appreciation and a consideration for reality, it’s a no-brainer to understand that the (fat lady) has been singing for Barry since “our” midterm elections and that whatever (policies or posturing) he hangs onto between now and November 8th., 2016, ..will be to his detriment, not to his advantage.

unemployment wanted

(Unemployment wanted).

Irregardless of what Barack Obama thinks, unemployment is not an industry,’s a blight on the nation.

cornucopia of wealth

Nor is America’s (middle class) a “cornucopia” of dollars for the occupant of the White House. The government belongs to the people, the people do not belong to the government.

Americans need work

Americans need work not rhetoric.

Barack Obama

This might get a grin from Valerie and Michelle, however this (posturing) is lost on the folks that haven’t worked for the last five years because of Barry’s policies.

Americans need work (2)

Barry believes everyone in America should attend college to better themselves…

graduating to unemployment 2

..albeit sadly, ..he does not believe in creating jobs.

girl on mountain 4

America’s future is not a conundrum to be pondered from a mountaintop, the future is a real place…

Barack and Michelle partying

..and it’s been diminished by indifference and greed.

Truth forges understanding, I’ll be back tomorrow

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