Vintage does not mean Obsolete..

1962 Corvette C1

(Corvette Stingray).

Vintage, as I choose to define it for today’s offering: “length of existence.

days I feel like this 1a

Although there are many more mornings when I feel like this old jalopy, than a “souped-up” Corvette these days, I still get “my chores” done, just takes me a little longer.

we the people

Length in Existence?

what does that mean - graphic 2

It means that the U.S. Constitution unequivocally represents the longest running, and/or, “existing” government in history, and it didn’t gain this status from…

hope and change Marxist 2a

..the idealistic “Marxist” dreams of Barack Obama, ..nor from the “Dreams of his (absentee) alcoholic father.”

America was founded by stalwart and steadfast men with an ambition to provide opportunities and freedoms to men and women with the courage and character to join the cause of emancipation from taxation without representation.

ilk in a chair

Barack Obama (in my fervid opinion), unequivocally supports (taxation without representation), he does not represent you, or America, (in my opinion), ..his socialist agenda is anything but American.

Truth forges understanding, I’ll be back tomorrow

Crusader Rabbit Logo - COLOR 1a

Crusader Rabbit…


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