Politicians, are Wannabes..

wannabe Whats 2

That is indeed, the $64,000 question, and the question that I will “presume” to answer for you today.

According to the urban dictionary; “Wannabe,” v., A poser, a follower, a charlatan of sorts. One who (copies or immitates) all or most aspects dealing with their idol. “Who or whatever that might be.”

Wannabe is a “pejorative” for a person who wishes to be or do something, but lacks the qualifications or talent. (Source, Wikipedia).

God bless scholarships and welf (2)

(Obama with mother – Stanley Ann Dunham).

As a child, Barack Obama was confused and lost, because his skin was brown and his mother’s skin was white.


In his teens Obama wasn’t just confused, he was angry as well because he was treated differently.

There is no written account of Barack Obama having friends his own age during his teen years.

Frank Marshall Davis 1a

The only reference to a mentor, or mentors during Obama’s teen years is “Frank Marshall Davis,” a radical activists in the American Communist Party and his (maternal) grandparents, active members of the American Communist Party.

my mother wouldn't lie to me 1 - Copy

Accordingly, (at least in my opinion), as an adult, Obama is still confused, angry and lost.

John114th Congress

Albeit with the initiation of the “114th Congress” on Tuesday last, Barack Obama’s significance in our lives, (although not eliminated), it is now lessened by a sizable degree.

Moving on…

With “Barry” now locked into a course to destroy himself, I’m thinking that it would be more productive for me and for the nation to focus on Barry’s replacement?

As I provided yesterday, America’s proud albeit (drowning) in their own vanity, “talking heads,” (venue neutral), as not one of them is without dedication to themselves before America.

America not only needs a facelift, it needs a tummy tuck as well.

what does that mean - graphic 2

In simple terms, it means we need to reduce the size of the sandbox our current wannabes are playing in and seek out real people to pick up the tools passed down to us from our founding fathers.

we the people

America was built with the tools provided by our Constitution, (men have fought and died) for those tools for 237 years, so I’m confused as to why any “true American” could or would drink the Kool-Aid served by the progressive left.

Let’s take a look…

What has the progressive left given America?

1913, Woodrow Wilson a far left progressive sold the right to produce and value American currency to the Rothschilds for an $80,000 campaign contribution.

1963, Lyndon Baines Johnson, a left-wing liberal progressive provided America with his “Great Society.” Operative word in that sentence (his), as it is with everything that progressive liberals do, ..they do for themselves not for the nation.

Johnson also provided America with an (unnecessary) war that took the lives of 58,000 good men.

A war that not only took the lives of 58,000 good men, it was a war that blurred the lines dividing right and wrong, between liberalism and conservatism.

Vietnam was the war that produced cowards like Bill Ayres who heralded (anti-war and anti-American) sentiments to defer his personal responsibility as an American.

Obama has brought America “both” a health care law that the taxpayer can’t afford along with fewer taxpayers for the actual taxpayers to support and if the left is left unchecked America will face certain doom in 2016.

Working people, and/or, (taxpayers), don’t need politicians, taxpayers need “representation.” Currently, at least (in this writer’s opinion), the only people that benefit from politicians are the very poor that elect them, and the very wealthy who finance their campaigns.

Forget the party logos, if America is to survive, taxpayers need to elect taxpayers from their own ranks to represent taxpayers.

Think about it, I’ll be back tomorrow

Crusader Rabbit Logo - COLOR 1a

Crusader Rabbit…


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