Not everyone drank the Kool-Aid..

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Question: If today’s offering is not proof positive that I have allies in my quest to bring America “the truth” about Obama, I’m afraid nothing well.

ET Williams 2

(E.T. Williams).

Good morning boys and girls, this morning I liked entered issue to E.T. Williams, the proprietor and host of; …

promoting common sense 2

Mr. Williams is a black man, with the emphasis on (man), not on “black,” as the color of his skin has been (invalidated) by his intellect.

Albeit, as Mr. Williams is my guest today, I should “bow out” at this juncture and let him have the floor.

(Simply double-click the URL above and pay attention).

Mr. Williams, like myself, is not a one trick pony, so if I might suggest; “If you’re a conservative, visiting his website would not be a waste of your time.”

Truth forges understanding, I’ll be back tomorrow

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Crusader Rabbit…


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