Question of the Day – Who is Responsible..

According to Webster: “who,” (in context) Used as a pronoun to introduce the subject when the antecedent is a person or persons or one to whom personality is attributed.

believe in nature 2

Or at least that is what I was raised to believe, children are the future and as anyone knows who reads what I write, in (my humble opinion), the liberal, selfish elitist folks in “our” nation and around the world who are more concerned with owning the title of billionaire and beyond, than the physical or mental well-being of children has unequivocally become the focus of “their” race.

One of the most asked questions here at Pearlsofprofundity is; “Why do I post every day?”

Well, it’s not because I get a paycheck on Friday, or on the first of the month. The only compensation I receive for my endeavor, other than an occasional accolade on Sunday, is the satisfaction of doing something other than doing nothing.

With Christmas close enough to touch this morning, I would like to suggest to anyone who (perchance) reads my words today, if you’re south of 30 on the calendar, set aside “thirty minutes” sometime between now and the new year and talk to someone north of 60 and if you’re north of sixty, don’t be a fool, spend thirty minutes talking with a young person, it’ll be time well spent.

Santa and full moon 2

God bless you and God bless America.

Truth forges understanding, I’ll be back tomorrow

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Crusader Rabbit…


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