From a Reader..

I started reading your blog in 2012 prior to the election and changed my vote from Barack Obama to Mitt Romney from the information you provided, thank you.

I changed my party affiliation from Democrat to independent during the Clinton administration and I changed it again from independent to Republican in 2012 after subscribing to your commonsense philosophy concerning politics and I’ve never looked back.

Jeanine red jacket - wide 1a

Of late, although I make the same estimate of judge Jeanine as you ascribe too in your blog, from watching her television show. However, after doing some independent research on judge Pirro to discover that her husband of fifteen years was convicted of federal tax evasion and conspiracy.

Although I agree with you on the surface, from her image on her television show, judge Jeanine would qualify as a good president for America, however with American politics being as unforgiving as they are in today’s world, I doubt seriously if judge Jeanine could get the nomination, let alone win the race.

Jan Brewer 1

Consequently it would be my advice to back a woman with more positive credentials, a woman like Jan Brewer as you suggested recently.

Sincerely, Andy …….

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Hello Andy, first I’d like to thank you for your patronage and for your conversion. 🙂

Politics in America, (at least in my opinion), have become the ultimate example, and/or, the epitome of a…

rat race 1a

rat race 2a

With the “rats” that the American voters have to choose from being of an extremely (substandard quality), ..beginning with the nebulous George W., ..before plunging into the depths of absurdity with Barack Obama and his (Saul Alinsky), “divide and conquer” doctrine.

Saul Alinsky - close-up

Question: Who is Saul Alinsky?

Saul Alinsky was the quintessential “community organizer,” recognized by his followers, to include both Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, as the father of community organizing in America and the author of their Bible; “Rules for Radicals.”

As far as judge Jeanine’s husband being convicted of tax evasion and conspiracy, …so what!

Take a step back, and look at this way; if you take a whiz on the sidewalk or run a red light, it your wife’s fault?

We are not our brothers keepers, ..or our spouses!

As for the scrutiny of the “American public” when it comes to politicians, ask the next “stranger” you encounter if he or she has ever seen Barack Obama’s birth certificate or his college transcripts.

The reason that people subscribe to politicians is because Homo sapiens, and/or, human beings, are slothful ignorant creatures that seek fantasy to avoid reality.

people in a theater

If the general public wasn’t indifferent to reality, this would be one hell of a nation.

As of this posting, the world is a mere ten days from another new year, ..and another year that will bring insatiable political rhetoric into America’s living rooms, ..ready or not.

Accordingly, over the next weeks and months, God willing, I will be at my post, providing the folks in America that would like to return to reality, the best assistance I can.

Truth forges understanding, I’ll be back tomorrow

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Crusader Rabbit…


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