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According to Webster: “Or·well·i·an,” adj., (In context) Of, or relating to the works of George Orwell’s satirical novel 1984, which depicts a futuristic totalitarian state.

Orwellian Obama

According to Webster: “i·de·al·ist,” (in context) n. One who is unrealistic and impractical.

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Lacey,           (Readers Forum – Enhanced Defamation).

I’ve been reading your weblog for about three months now and I find it not only informative, but fun to read.

I like everything you write, but I like your reader’s forum best of all. This is my fifth comment, what do I have to say to get my comment in the forum?

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Hello Lacey, apparently you have to say exactly what you just said; welcome to the family.

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Dennis,                                (One or the Other).

Great read, I was an enthusiastic fan of Rod Serling and the twilight zone. Now I’m an enthusiastic fan of yours.

Although I don’t think I’ll ever tire of reading about Obama’s anti-American ideology and his leadership inadequacies, I’d like to see Hillary added to the menu, thank you.

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Hello Dennis, thank you for visiting my site and thank you for your narrative and for your suggestion.

Notwithstanding, I enjoy roasting Hillary every bit as much as I enjoy roasting Barry, albeit as I believe that both Hillary and America’s liberal ilk aren’t stupid enough to use what’s left of Hillary and Bill’s Celebrity for anything more than a source of revenue for the 2016 elections.

Albeit, rest assured that if she does throw her hat in the ring, I’ll be here with my boots on ready to stomp on it to the best of my ability.

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Neil,                 (Racism isn’t Natural, it’s a Product).

Thank you, it’s about time someone starts telling it like it is. I don’t think I’m a racist, not because of anything I was taught by my parents. I’m not a racist for the same reason my father wasn’t a racist, he didn’t have time for it and neither do I.

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Hello Neil, thank you for dropping by today and thank you for your take on America’s underbelly…

According to Webster: “un·der·bel·ly,” (in context) n.,pl. The vulnerable or weak part.

My personal opinion of racism, (for what it’s worth), is an opinion developed over more than half a century, via real-time communication with black people.

I served in the military with black men and I have shared in America’s workforce with both black men and black women, so although I have “no initials” before or behind my name, I consider myself, (via communication), every bit as qualified to issue (my opinion), as an individual with (Rev) in front of his name or an individual with (PHD) behind their name.

After all, it’s a well known fact that opinions are like attitudes, everybody has one.

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Amelia,                         (Oppression or Freedom).

As a black woman born in 1936 to parents who believed so strongly in America as the land of opportunity, they named me Amelia after Amelia Erhardt, because she was a woman that broke down a barrier that made her equal to men and more, because in 1936 a woman in America had little more status in society than a Negro.

I’ve been a religious woman all my life, I know Jesus and I know God, so I know what I’m talking about when I say that folks like the Reverend Al Sharpton are an embarrassment to the black community and to America.

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Hello Amelia, thank you for visiting my site and thank you for your narrative.

As an American born in December 1941, to a mom and dad who also believed that America was the “greatest nation” on the planet, I wholeheartedly agree with every word you wrote in your comment, because my mother and father “never” told me that there was a part of my being that was unacceptable to others.

To the contrary, I was taught to respect my elders, I was also taught that it was polite for me to speak only when spoken to and that privilege was to be earned the same as a dime.

Accordingly, to this day I can truthfully say that I have never been led astray by respecting others or by working for what I call my own.

It has been my pleasure, please know that you’re always welcome here, Chuck.

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Carlson,               (Dependence and Independence).

I served in the military during the second world war, not with a rifle, but with a potato peeler as I could not read or write.

After the war I met a man, a white man, who taught me to read and write, since then I have read about many things, books about history, books about people and books about the histories of people.

I am ninety-two years old, my hair is the color of cotton and I must wear glasses to read what you write and I don’t hear as well as I did ten years ago.

Nonetheless, when the weather permits, I walk five miles a day and thank God that I live in America.

Please continue writing from your heart, Carlson.

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Hello Carlson, thank you for reading and approving of what I write and thank you for your narrative

With that said; It is a genuine privilege to meet an elder and it is a genuine pleasure to hear from an American that has a true understanding and appreciation for this nation.

According to Webster: “na·tion,” (in context) n. A large group of people organized under a single independent government who share common customs, origins, history, and language.

However, for those of us who have seen men sacrificed their lives for their nation, a nation is so much more.

What a nation (isn’t), is a habitat for an individual to exercise or compel his or her ideology that differs from the promise of our founding fathers to remake America as they see fit.

America is a free country by proclamation enforced by the sacrifice of thousands and no one is forced to live by that proclamation if he or she does not believe in the freedom and opportunity guaranteed by America’s Constitution.

Americans are free to relocate and live under communism, socialism or a complete dictatorship if they so choose.

What Americans are not free to do is enjoy Disneyland over the weekend and blow up a police station on Monday.

Oscar Wilde

(Oscar Wilde).

Oscar Wilde was indeed correct when he issued the phrase;

youth is wasted on the young 3

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Talia,          (What is a weapon and who makes the call).

I’m a senior in a New York high school whose population is fifty-five percent black, thirty-two percent Hispanic and eight percent white. I have two white friends and both of them are scared to death of people with dark skin and Barack Obama simply doesn’t give a damn.

I believe in freedom and I plan to make the Marine Corps my career and when I’m old enough to vote, you can bet it won’t be for a Democrat that wants me pregnant and standing in line for food stamps.

Thank you for writing what you write, Talia.

In my Opinion - Finished

Hello Talia, thank you for visiting my site and thank you for your unambiguously enlightening narrative.

If you were a less enlightened individual I would slather you with accolades denoting admirable character in someone so young, ..albeit in (my opinion), you don’t need anything from me, you know who you are, and now if you choose, you are my friend.

Mr the risk of a lawsuit from Leonard Nimoy, “Live long and Prosper,” Chuck.

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Jacob,       (The difference between lying and misleading).

Your profundity has been the cream in my coffee for more than a year now, so I think its high time I thank you for your labor.

judge Jeanine 1

I am also a great fan of Judge Jeanine, and as an ex-ego-driven chauvinist, I too believe that it’s high time we elect a woman to lead this nation, because ego-driven chauvinists have proven for decades now that they’re unable to discern between America and themselves.

In my Opinion - Finished

Hello Jacob, thank you for your patronage, your appreciation and for your decision to jump in the pool.

According to Webster: “e·go,” (in context) n., An exaggerated sense of self-importance.

As a wordsmith, and/or, “monger,” it never ceases to amaze me how words affect our lives and where they take us.

Had I not been an “ego-driven” fool in high school, I might be enjoying celebrity on cable these days competing with one or two others instead of vying within the infinity of cyberspace.

Not that I don’t enjoy vying within the infinity of cyberspace, albeit with that said; “If it was within my power to live my life over again, currently I would be wealthy beyond imagination and I would be the Emperor of the universe.”

Although old people are for the most part, (ignored), we are by no means stupid. 🙂

Now in preface to my next guest; Although I rarely choose to reply to folks who comment on posts that are more than two weeks old, I make an exception.

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Mr. Cold,     (Land of Opportunity – posted 19 Nov., 2013)

“There’s more white people on welfare than blacks in the US, …So actually Whites are taken up most of the money in that system.

In my Opinion - Finished

Hello Mr. Cold, thank you for visiting my site and thank you for your comment, as it’s been awhile since I’ve been visited by anyone as ignorant as you.

There are currently hundreds of websites reporting that white people are receiving the Lions share of government benefits, while “poor folks” go without.

hogwash 2

Obama feet on Desk 2

When you take into consideration that this nation is currently (ruled) by the “most corrupt” individual to ever disrespect the furniture in the Oval Office, along with understanding that the “Lion’s share” of the treasury our unscrupulous employees in Washington disperse is provided by white working folks, …

white people 5

..not because white folks are more generous than working folks of color, simply boils down to math.

White people make up seventy-three percent of America’s population. Thus white people pay more taxes by volume than any other group or classification.


Taxpayers, irregardless of their heritage or ethnicity (do not) condone “able-bodied” folks living off of their labor.

welfare family

(White or black).


What no one in our government, or anywhere else will tell you, is that the government has no legal right to “own” any portion of the money placed into the (Social Security trust fund), their manipulation of the Social Security trust fund is under the guise of a loan.

A loan that is as close to being a “perpetual motion” machine as anything in the history of mankind, 🙂 ..not actually funny.

Accordingly, the misinformation you and your liberal cohorts find distributed by our unethical employees in government is corrupted and will remain corrupted as long as “the” corrupt folks in our Nation’s Capital continue insisting that Social Security as an entitlement.

Social Security is a “trust fund,” not an entitlement…

trust fund 2

..and if you’re not smart enough to understand that,

kill or be killed 3

Meet me in front of the saloon on Thursday.


Truth forges understanding, I’ll be back tomorrow

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