What is a Weapon, and Who makes the call?

According to Webster: “weap·on,” (in context) An instrument of attack or defense in combat, …

political weapon 2

With the defeat and “dissolution” of the Democrat’s power in November, America’s liberal opposition to freedom is on the march and pulling out all the stops in their quest to (behead) Conservatives and the Right.

According to Webster: “free·dom,” (in context) n. Immunity from the arbitrary exercise of authority.

I am the Messiah

(Except at Home).


Consequently, Barry spends a lot of time on the links, where he gets to do the swinging…

Obama swinging

Question: Now that Barry’s wings have been clipped, what will he do when he’s not shuffling around on the links?

Easy Question: Barry will do what he’s always done, support his base…

basketball neighborhood kids 2

Shooting hoops with the neighborhood kids.

Barack and a brother

Hanging with homey’s.


Posing for the fools.

lunching with a friend

Lunching with friends

Obama gang banger 1

Advocating for gun control…

Of course as not to leave the impression that Barry’s life is all fun and games, there is a serious side to being the leader of the free world…

I'll have more flexibility afte (2)

Like discussing foreign-policy.

Obama Money

Spending tax dollars.

Obama and Arab 2

…and recieving his morning briefing.

Of course, as Peter Parker’s “doting” uncle so eloquently explicated; “With great power, comes great responsibility.”

Albeit, Barry has it covered.

Obama's favorite weapon

Barry with his favorite weapon…

Hollow Man 1

Barry with his favorite ammunition, ..3.2 suds.

Barry doesn’t need bullets, because in his world…

Obama - college 2a

..lies trump bullets.

Of course, when lies don’t work, Barry calls on…


His ultimate weapon, …confusion!

According to Webster: “con·fused,” (in context) v. Unable to think with clarity or act with intelligence or understanding.

In this writer’s considered opinion, America has had enough confusion under the leadership of Barack Obama for at least a dozen millenniums.

America not only needs a new direction in 2016, America needs a completely new perspective…

According to Webster: “per·spec·tive,” (in context) n. A view or outlook.

..and the “View and Outlook” I’m talking here, can’t be seen or viewed by an individual that produces testosterone.

A Pearlsofprofundity Factoid: “Testosterone and ego are (not favorable) to the survival of America, or to the survival of the human race.

Ego and testosterone left Michael Brown face down dead in the street in Ferguson Missouri and that same testosterone and ego is still running amuck across to America.

I can’t speak for the rest of the country, albeit for myself after having my name engraved on the back of a graciously gifted Purple Heart, I can attest “unequivocally” that bullets are the (worst way possible) to make friends.

When I was a child and skinned my knee, it was my mother with the Bactine and Band-Aids, not my dad.

Dads have had two hundred and thirty-seven years to prove that (father knows best) and look at the mess we’re in…

Its high time America has a mom.


So do me a favor, click on the URL above and pay attention to a lady that would make America an excellent mother.

respect for the Constitution

Truth forges understanding, I’ll be back tomorrow

Crusader Rabbit Logo - COLOR 1a

Crusader Rabbit…


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