The difference between dependence and independence?

America owes you a living

According to Webster: “de·pend·ence,” (in context) The state of being influenced and controlled by another or others.

America offers opportunity

According to Webster: “in·de·pend·ence,” (in context) n. The ability or quality to be self-reliant.

Our founding fathers were men of principle and fortitude who didn’t write one word in our Constitution offering a free lunch, a free cell phone, or a life on the government teat.

Pledge of Allegiance - boy 1a

When I was a young man, there wasn’t a morning went by in any schoolroom I attended, where the first order of business wasn’t pledging my “allegiance to the flag,” and to the nation for which it stood, one nation, under God… “Indivisible,” …with liberty, ..and Justice for everyone, …even the middle class.


According to Webster: “jus·tice,” (in context) n. The principle of moral rightness and equity; the law.

name that job 2

Quiz: Name an occupation, (other than bank robber or thief), where an individual, man or woman can live like a rock star by working 113 days a year?

sleeping in Congress 2

If your answer is congressperson or Senator; …

you win 2

Albeit to clarify, answering the question correctly means that in the real world, the world where real people need to work to survive…

you lose 2

America doesn’t need another “Bush” in the White House, or anywhere on the property. Nor does America “need” another Clinton in the Oval Office, particularly a Clinton who believes dead Americans don’t matter.

I could've been a contender 3

Dynasties and democracy are not systems that complement each other.

Truth forges understanding, I’ll be back tomorrow

Crusader Rabbit Logo - COLOR 1a

Crusader Rabbit…

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