One or the Other..

reality or imagination 1a

Without question, every task that (we) human beings set for ourselves is motivated either by fact or fiction…

no middle ground 2 (2)

Albeit Rod Serling was one of my favorite screenwriters and television producers of all time, he was utilizing his theatrical license when he wrote;

(Paraphrased and modified).

no middle ground 2a

Unlike the realm of Rod Serling’s world, in our world, there is no middle ground between freedom and oppression.

oppression of man

Socialism and communism are oppressive.

America is about freedom and opportunity for those with an allegiance to America, not for those who seek to…

arbitrary oppression 2

..undermine this nation’s laws and principles.

statue and flag 2

According to Webster: “free·dom,” (in context) Immunity from the “arbitrary” exercise of authority.

i won - streached

According to Webster: “op·pres·sion,” (in context) n. The act of oppressing; the “arbitrary” exercise of power.

defiling the Constitution

According to Webster: “ar·bi·trar·y,” (in context) Determined by “whim” and not by necessity, reason, or principle.

no principles 2

Of course in this writer’s opinion, our current commander-in-chief has no understanding of reason or principle.

Truth forges understanding, I’ll be back tomorrow

Crusader Rabbit Logo - COLOR 1a

Crusader Rabbit…

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