Games Requiring No Equipment..

According to Webster: “game,” (in context) n. A competitive activity or sport in which players compete with each other according to a set of rules.

games requiring no equipment

FOLLOW THE LEADER… (Children’s Game).

One person is designated the leader. The other players are obligated to follow (wherever) the leader goes, surmounting (whatever) obstacles or spaces are traversed, and doing all the actions and motions, which are performed by the leader.

The game can be played so that players are eliminated by their failure to perform tasks or go where the leader goes.

But it can also be a game of participation where doing is a sufficient reward, and there is little or no notion of “Winning or losing”.

follow the leader 2


I spy kid 2

I SPY, (Children’s Game).

Usually played in parlors or other rooms indoors, this game involves what is hidden, declaring “I SPY!” when the hidden person or object was seen by one of the participants.

I spy game room 2b

The rewards of “Spying” first could be that the first finder got to hide the next object.

Clues are given as to colors and shapes. The player that guesses the subject or object gets to pick the next object.

Obama - Spy vs Spy 1

I SPY, Government Wise).

surveillance is freedom 2

(At least in the Socialist/Communist mind).

sand pile kids 2

KING OF THE MOUNTAIN, (Children’s Game)

The game probably has many other names involving guarded territory other than a hill or a mountain.

The game consists of one person “The King” struggling with others to defend his position, (usually the top of a small hill), while the “would-be” kings, seek to pull or push the reigning King from his perch.

This game involves a lot of pushing, pulling, and shoving around. There are usually no time limits.

The game ends when one person proves he or she has enough strength and endurance to maintain the position on the “Mountain” until all the others “give up”.

it's good to be King - Obama


And we are pretty much stuck with him for another 773 days, and/or, ..another (two years, one month, and 11 days).

During which time, I will be sitting here in my “catbird seat” watching over the (shenanigans) in Washington in order to bring you, and/or, (my readers) the latest information about our employees with their hands in your pockets.

As well as to provide you, and the rest of the nation with my (unequivocally conservative opinions) as to who I believe…

American people

..can trust with our lives and our pocket books following the totally un-illustrious and un-industrious and disillusioning…

snake oil - graphic 3a

“Barack Obama Show.”

drumroll please  4

My choice for 2016…

judge Jeanine - red coat 1

Truth forges understanding, I’ll be back tomorrow

Crusader Rabbit Logo - COLOR 1a

Crusader Rabbit…


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