What makes us, – us?

First and foremost…

Second Amendment - stretch 2

keep and bear arms

Very important words, especially; …

necessary 2

Accordingly, (at least in my context for today), ..it makes us we, and/or,


What makes us, ..us, ..and/or, ..Americans, is fortitude and tenacity.

crossing the Delaware

According to Webster: “for·ti·tude,” n. Strength of mind that allows one to endure pain or adversity with courage.


According to Webster: “te·na·cious,” adj. Holding together firmly; cohesive.

Barack Obama

In America, an individual is free to be a fool, or free to be a billionaire, because in America, (by the authority of the U.S. Constitution) folks have choices.

enigma - Obama

In America, an individual is also free to pursue hope, and dreams from his father, albeit, relating to “our” experience with the “Dreams from Barack Obama’s father,” I wouldn’t advise it.

Obama care - Constitution 2a

The movement, (back towards) conservatism is on the rise, albeit with that said; I would be remiss in my duty to you good folks that read my blather if I knowingly strayed from the truth, accordingly you need to know that the video I’m making available today, as proud as it may make you feel, it is still a tool to forward “someone’s agenda.


Other than myself, I cannot point to one single individual I know who spends money with no expectation of a return.


According to Webster: “a·gen·da,” n., A list of things to be done or considered.

In the real world, and/or, (my world), truth trumps agendas.

Please watch this video and we’ll discuss it after…


Please double click the URL and enjoy.

Although I personally found the video exciting and inspiring, I also found it to be misleading, beginning with the mention of Woodrow Wilson’s contributions to America.

Woodrow Wilson was in fact and indeed as dedicated a (left wing) progressive liberal as any in the history of America, as well as the (singular) individual who placed America back in the hands of the European aristocracy.

According to Webster: “ar·is·toc·ra·cy,” (in context) n., pl. A hereditary ruling class.

family crest

The Rothschild family, and/or, the proprietors of the Bank of England as well as the main players in our Federal Reserve banking system.

A (privately owned) U.S. Corporation.

But more on the Rothschilds and the Fed later as the story is a complicated one.

In the video it states; “A few years ago President Bush said;

History moves Towards Freedom because the Desire for Freedom is written in every Human Heart.”

imagining yourself a fool 1a

George W. may very well have spoken those words, albeit in (this writer’s opinion), George W. did not write those words.


In my memory of the first time I ever saw George W. Bush, the first thing that popped into my mind was; “They have to be kidding, this (blank) guy couldn’t poor piss out of a boot, even if the instructions were written on the heel.”


And my opinion of George W has not changed one iota, (one of his daddy’s words), …since that day!

As I have stated a multitude of times over the last 3 ½ years, Homo sapiens, and/or, human beings are categorically and unequivocally the most competitive creatures on this planet.

We are also the most intellectually gifted creatures on the planet, thus we have the capacity to accomplish pretty much anything our imaginations can conjure.

Neil Armstrong 2

A magnificent achievement, however if the American people were provided with the (cost), of snapping the picture above, it would be clear to anyone with a sixth grade education that the total would be more than enough to pay off “our” national debt…

Screaming Debt 2

..your grandchildren’s and my grandchildren’s Debt.

Furthermore, there would be enough left to write every man woman and child in America check for one million and still have enough money left to pay the Rothschilds mortgage.

Rothschild house

Rothschilds Home in Austria.

police drone

UAV – police state

History provides that man moved from a creature that fed on the carrion of more accomplished hunters into a life form that is now governed by a government that dominates everything they survey.

A sad Observation: …

When I take note of mankind in the 21st Century, I can’t help but believe that our ancestors would roll over in their graves if they knew their (sacrifices) in “founding ” this great nation were for not….


As every president of these United States, save one, (John F. Kennedy), has been complicit in degrading of the stature of America by “standing behind” the (misdeed) of Woodrow Wilson, a far left (progressive liberal) that “sidestepped” our Constitution, unlawfully agreeing to allow a private group to print and value American currency.

God created man to be a good thing and in my opinion, most are, the difficulty, and/or, the (perplexing issue) with man is uncertainty and the distance between greed and satisfaction.

Need and want have always been at the forefront of man’s disarray, nevertheless we have all endured and some have even prospered.

Obama Money

According to Webster: “pros·per,” To be successful; thrive.

prosthetic leg

According to Webster: “en·dure,” To carry on despite many hardships; To bear with tolerance.

At this point, I could once again introduce Aesop’s fable of the..

the ant and the grasshopper 4a

Ant and the Grasshopper, ..but I won’t.

International commerce is not about helping poor folks in third world nations, it’s about increasing the bottom line for Bill Gates, Dow, Monsanto and the Koch brothers.

If America didn’t send envoys to nations outside our borders seeking new markets for American products, we, and/or, us at home, could return to manufacturing our products at home as well as buying what “we” manufacture.

I can’t speak for anyone else, however as an American who has never been to China, North Korea, Japan, Russia, India or Africa, with no inclination or cash to make a trip, I have no reason to support the reality or even the concept of providing jobs, products and services to people, who over the last 500 years have been comfortable urinating in their streets.

see of life

Take a moment here, and think of yourself as an individual struggling in the sea of life…

job application 2

This document is your lifeline…

welfare family

…these folks are an anchor, provided by the government.

reach ou 2

Someday, someone with more skill and patience than myself will pen the real story of our current commander-in-chief and it will be entitled; …

the adventures of Barack Obama (2)

America has virtually turned into a “de facto” Disneyland as our elections so far in the 21st Century have been patterned after the dating game.

Barack Obama was elected to the presidency of the United States utilizing two elements, …

deceive - graphic 1

lies and secrets 2

Truth forges understanding, I’ll be back tomorrow

Crusader Rabbit Logo - COLOR 1a

Crusader Rabbit…

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