Question of the Day, ..pricing Life?

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In opposition to the tenacity of the folks that can’t, or won’t, accept the judgment and jurisdiction of the “Michael Brown” Grand Jury in Ferguson, Missouri, I say this; …

“The only statement your (un-civil disobedience), is making at this point, is that “the renegade” black community, and/or, proverbial (free Lunch bunch), values a black man shot by a white man at a greater amount than a black man shot by a black man.”

And to be perfectly clear, my sentiments extend beyond the lawless riffraff that demonstrated their ignorance and disdain for America, ..and America’s laws, to include Barack Obama and Eric Holder who in my mind had as much to do with the demonstrations and destruction in Ferguson as anyone.

Although unacceptable in a decent society, the behavior of the anarchists that destroyed property in Ferguson is (sadly) understandable, as Forrest Gump’s “highly regarded” mother so eloquently put it; …

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Maryland Chatten

I’d like to introduce you to a friend this morning, his name; “Maryland Chatten.” Those that new Maryland would tell you that he was a quiet man, with a perpetual smile.

Maryland never robbed a convenience store or punched a police officer in the face, neither thought would have ever occurred to him.

Maryland didn’t die face down on a quiet street in a quiet American community, Maryland died in a firefight defending the ideas and principles of America in Vietnam.

No one marched in protest when Chatten died, no one spoke at all.

Nor did Lyndon B. Johnson dispatch the Attorney General to investigate whether or not Maryland’s death was a violation of his civil rights.

Maryland might have been half Michael Brown’s size, albeit he was ten times the man.

Maryland’s mother received a letter of condolence, a Purple Heart, and the appreciation of a grateful nation.

Maryland Chatten 2a

Maryland was a good man.

Vietnam wall 4

Maryland’s name is on this wall.

Albeit an inconvenient truth for Michael Brown’s parents and the black community in protest, he died in the commission of a crime.

So my closing question to America is, why is Michael Brown celebrated for abhorrent behavior while my friend Chatten’s sacrifice didn’t warrant a ripple on the 6 o’clock news?

Truth forges understanding, I’ll be back tomorrow

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