P.S. (and/or) Personal Sentiments..

the truth - I hate you 2

As an individual who truly enjoys communicating with others, today’s offering provides a (cross-section) of “attitudes” and “opinions” from readers on my “Shinola/Shark Tank” Quip.

Beverly wrote; …

I’ve been reading your blog for approximately eight months and have enjoyed every post because of your special talent with words. However, up until your last forum I wasn’t aware that you did standup comedy as well. Great job, keep it up.


James wrote; …

I nearly fell off my chair when I read your reply to the dweeb Francine in your Reader’s Forum.


Axel wrote; …

As a conservative and as an American who is totally fed up with Obama’s despotic rule, I salute you for voicing the truth in a universe of lies.

I also salute you for your jocular come back to Francine in your forum on Sunday, it was hilarious.


Henrietta writes; …

You should be ashamed for your blatant disregard for civility. Obamacare is structured to serve everyone equally and just as many white people get free phones as black people.

leave Barack along 2

Carla wrote; …

As a black woman and as an attorney who actually has a law license and a practice in New Jersey. I’m hereby serving you with notice that had I expired from your Shinola Skin Cream come-back on Sunday, my estate would be serving you with papers. 🙂

P.S., for the record, I think less of Barack Obama’s disdain for the law that you do.

I love your website, don’t change a thing, Carla.


Simon wrote; …

Hello dude, I’m a young black guy making a bid for a place in America’s comedy clubs, may I use your Shinola/Shark Tank bit?


Hello Simon, ..absolutely!

Truth forges understanding, I’ll be back tomorrow

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Crusader Rabbit…


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