According to Webster: “ac·count·a·ble,” adj. Answerable.

As an individual dedicated to providing information for, as well as interacting with those that visit my website, today’s offering is inspired by my friend and co-conservative Bob, who of late has become quite prolific with his comments.

Thank you Bob.

I take responsibility 2

For better or for worse, too many folks in America today are living their lives in a cloud…

living in cloud

According to Webster: “cloud,” (in context) n. Something that obscures.

who is Barack Obama 2a

A “cloud” of mystery, confusion, misinformation and blatant lies, provided both by corporate America and by the folks we employ to provide us the truth, and/or, “our” Government.

Obama care - Constitution 2a

Healthcare reform; …

According to Webster: “re·form,” (in context) v. A change for the better; an improvement.

Misleading; …

save $2500 2

Misleading; …

you can keep them

Actually; …

like your Dr 2

Misleading; …

no mortgage payments 2

Misleading; …

protect your wealth 2

Truth; …

if you're wealthy 2

Truth; …

if you need gold 2

According to Webster: “mis·lead·ing,” (in context) adj. To mislead; to defraud, to lie.

Truth; …

Free lunch for a friend 3

Actually; …

collecting restitution 2

Immigration reform; …

I have the authority 2

Truth; …

lying is reprehensible 2

Truth forges understanding, I’ll be back tomorrow

Crusader Rabbit Logo - COLOR 1a

Crusader Rabbit…


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