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…I love you all, ..the thin, ..the wide and the tall.

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Rosalynn,                   (E-liminate the Negative).

I work as a coordinator for the most uncoordinated entity in America, you guessed it, the government.

I love everything you write about my boss and the idiots that voted for him, and like you, I’m lamenting every minute until he’s unemployed.

Your graphics are to die for, keep it up.

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Hello Rosalynn, thank you for visiting my site and thank you for your narrative and most of all for your accolades.

I do love playing with graphics, as unrealistic as it seemed to the coaches at the high schools I attended because I was six foot five and weighed 180 with my socks off.

I was an art major before I traded the frangible fantasies of academia for the reality of a steady paycheck.

My father spent the Lions share of his life chasing the dream of wealth, which he acquired for a number of individuals with his ideals, unscrupulous individuals that left my father behind when the profits materialized.

Folks that reap profits from the labor of others may be seen as wealthy, albeit in the real world only those that experience the wonder of creation and production experience fulfillment.

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Perry,                         (Myths and Misfortunes).

I not only love what you provide, I love the way you provide it, why don’t other websites make what’s happening as easy to understand as you do?

In my Opinion - Finished

Hello Perry, thank you for visiting my site and thank you for your comment.

The only intelligent explanation I can come up with for why other folks don’t present their material the way I do is; …

they are not me 3

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Wayne,                                   (Charity).

My girlfriend bought me a puppy for my birthday on Tuesday, an English bulldog with a pedigree.

I’ve never owned a Bulldog or a dog with a pedigree before, so I logged onto the Internet to learn a little bit about her and for whatever reason, the time and space continuum brought me to your website and your post for the eighteenth.

So my question for you is: do you have some kind of special connection with the twilight zone?

Because my least favorite person in the universe is Barack Obama, so thank you for the gift of your website. Wayne.

In my Opinion - Finished

Hello Wayne, thank you for visiting my site and thank you for your narrative.

Congratulations on your birthday and congratulations on the adventure you’re about to embark on with your new puppy.

Albeit I fully understand that puppies are not biblical, here’s a special verse from me to you…

Chuckariah; arf:arf …

Greater love hath no man than the love provided by “Canis lupus familiaris,” i.e., your new puppy, ..if ya treat her right.

B‘cuz if you don’t, ..ya better hope God gets to you before I do! 🙂

bulldog puppy

I am definitely partial to puppies.

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Jeanette, (The difference between Charity and Entitlement).

My mom cheated on my father with a charismatic black man who wore expensive clothes and drove a flashy car while my father was serving in Iraq, until she got pregnant.

My father sued for custody of me in the divorce, but was turned down because we lived in California. It took my father eleven years in the court system to get custody of me, so I spent my formative years growing up among black people.

Black people, to include President Obama, like to talk about how white people have historically mistreated black people.

My mother had four more black children with four different black men, all of whom molested me with impunity because when I told my mother, she told me that I had to keep it to myself or I would end up in a foster home, which of course was a frightening scenario for a seven-year-old, so I didn’t tell anyone.

The first time I got pregnant I was eleven years old, by one of my mother’s boyfriends. The second time I got pregnant I was thirteen when my brother and one of his friends got me drunk and didn’t use a condom.

In my personal experience, black people don’t just dislike white people, they hated us beyond words.

I’m nineteen now and in college, it’s taken me six months to get the courage to tell you my story and I’m hoping that you will consider it for your forum.

White girls and white women need to know that black men are evil and deceiving before they get pregnant and it’s too late.

Tell them if they don’t believe me, open any dictionary and check the thesaurus for black, …

Characterized by intense ill will or spite: …

Evil, hateful, malevolent, malicious, malignant, mean, nasty, spiteful, venomous, vicious, wicked. (Slang) bitchy.

If anyone’s wondering if I hate black people, the answer is no. Hate is way too mild a word for how I feel.

In my Opinion - Finished

Hello Jeanette, thank you for visiting my site and thank you for your narrative.

As I can neither confirm nor deny anything in your narrative, I choose not to comment directly on your heralded plate, but rather, I choose to grant your request for publication and let my readers judge your story for themselves.

What I will do, (without reservation), is condemn anyone who molests anyone for any reason.

Horrific and despicable behavior, (in my considered opinion), is not localized or limited to any one group, religious, political or racial.

Immoral, unbecoming, and/or, violent behavior is not innate, it is taught and promoted by the idle and the ignorant.

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Grant,         (The difference between Charity and Bunco).

Great read, I’ve been trying to expose Mr. Nardizzi for more than a year, but like they say you can’t fight City Hall.

In my Opinion - Finished

Hello Grant, thank you for visiting my site and thank you for your comment.

Fighting City Hall is not and has never been my objective, I simply “provide information” and (my opinions) of right and wrong.

Folks in America, in opposition to the bandied about belief, (are not stupid). Lazy yes, but not stupid, they just need the proverbial straw to break the camel’s back before they take action.

Welcome - Finished

Stan,                         (The Simplicity of Reality).

I use to sweat bullets in mixed groups, (blacks and whites), for fear of uttering something that would offend someone.

Then I started reading your posts to finally learn what the word bigot really means. Now I wear a bright orange and white T-shirt and a baseball cap, both boldly bearing the words (proud bigot).

Thank you for the education, and I’ll be back tomorrow as well. Stan.

In my Opinion - Finished

Hello Stan, thank you for visiting my site and thank you for your narrative.

As to yer education, and/or Webster’s definition for the word bigot, you’re welcome.

And, since you’re open to education, let me enlighten you to a few other things I know about black people.

I fought shoulder to shoulder in Vietnam with black men and never once felt animosity from or towards any one of them.

I’ve said it before and I’ll continue saying it as long as I have breath, the color of a man’s skin neither adds to, nor detracts from his character.

Character is not innate, character is acquired.

Welcome - Finished

Francine,                         (That’s Not your Job).

No way in hell you’re going to convince me your post today isn’t racist.

Barack Obama’s job is to be the president of the United States and the commander of the armed forces and if you weren’t a dumb old white guy you’d know that.

Also if you weren’t a dumb old white guy you’d know that Cinderella and Annie are made-up people and you’d know that made-up people can be acted by anyone.

In my Opinion - Finished

Hello Francine, thank you for visiting my site and thank you for your narrative and for your opinion.

If I have offended you with my writing, I sincerely apologize and I’d also like you to know that if things work out for me, I’ll be closing up shop here soon to focus my energy full time on a new enterprise.

I have recently obtained an interview with the producers of the television show “Shark Tank” to display a new product of mine for consideration.


I am repackaging Shinola as a skin cream for “white” people so we’ll qualify for free cell phones and Obamacare. 🙂

Enjoy the rest of your day, I’ll be back tomorrow

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Crusader Rabbit…


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