That’s Not your Job..

Obama do nothing 1a

Question: What is Barack Obama’s job?

caricature - Obama flag 1a

Is he the President of the United States?

commander-in-chief cartoon 1a

Is he the Commander-in-Chief of the armed forces?

Obama Messiah 1a

Is he a Messiah?

In (my opinion) of course, by his actions, he is (none) of the above, as Presidents (serve) the nation they are “elected” to serve.

Question: Was Cinderella a black woman?

Cinderella - black 1a

Oprah Winfrey believes she was…

Currently, according to the trailers being “pushed” on my TV screen, “Little orphan Annie” and her new Daddy Warbucks, Benjamin Stacks are black folks as well.

movie poster - Annie

Traditionally, it is pretty well accepted that one picture is worth 1000 words. Therefore, at least in my opinion, the poster released to grab the public’s attention for Jay-Z’s and Will Smith’s new movie “Annie,” ‘sez it all.

In modern-day New York City, Annie is an orphan/foster child living under the cruelty of Miss Hannigan. Originally left by her parents as a baby with the promise that they’d be back for her someday, it’s been a hard knock life ever since.

But everything’s about to change when hard-nosed tycoon and New York mayoral candidate Benjamin Stacks, advised by his VP, Grace, and his shrewd and scheming campaign advisor, Guy, makes a thinly-veiled campaign move and takes her in.

Stacks believes he’s her guardian angel, but Annie’s self-assured nature and bright, sun-will-come-out-tomorrow outlook on life just might mean it’s the other way around.

deceive - graphic 1

A typical “all American” story for the 21st Century, a grinning black man surrounded by friends of undetermined pedigree cons his way into a job he’s not qualified for.

Olivia Pope

Question: Why didn’t savvy Benjamin Stacks choose Olivia Pope for his shrewd and scheming campaign advisor?

Olivia and the president 1a

To which of course everyone knows the answer, Olivia is preoccupied with being pursued by a (typical) philandering president in another (Hollywood), “black woman/white man” relationship on ABC.

Brad and Angelina 2a

Question: How do you think the “Black Community” would respond, if Hollywood came out with movies about “Martin Luther King” and “Rosa Parks,” featuring “Brad Pitt” and “Angelina Jolie?”

black Superman 1a

How about remakes of Superman, Batman or “The Life and Times of Wyatt Earp” featuring black folks?

destroying the Constitution 1

Is the line between fantasy and reality so blurred in the 21st Century that Barack Obama can actually get away with yet another blatant and egregious assault on our Constitution?

Think about it, I’ll be back tomorrow

Crusader Rabbit Logo - COLOR 1a

Crusader Rabbit…

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