Fraud for the sake of Fraud…

fraud - page break 4

lies lies lies 2

Now that our (feet of clay), Commander-in-Chief has been slapped down by the voters, the proverbial “worms” that fed from his table scraps when…

here's to us 2

..he and Michelle were on top are gnawing on his ankles.

Question: Do I feel comfortable throwing Michelle under the bus with Barack?

absolutely - Yosemite Sam 3

Although cheating on your wife is not unheard of in American society, the fact that Michelle spent more than six times her husband’s salary on vacations in his first term, tells me that she is as corrupt and culpable as he is.

what was this for

Question: How many of you reading my blather today don’t know what your spouse is up to?

what was this for 2

Question: How many of you spend six times the amount your spouse makes on anything?

Obama spending stretched

If promises were dollars we would all be rich.

Everything that Barack Obama has done since day one in the Oval Office has been based on deceit and lies.

wake up America 2

The energy required to expose deceit and corruption is much greater than the energy expended to produce the deceit and corruption.

Truth forges understanding, I’ll be back tomorrow

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Crusader Rabbit…


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