There’s a reason for that..

According to Webster: “rea·son,” n. The basis or motive for an action, a decision, or a conviction.

Being a product of the 20th Century, “manufactured” in 1941, I had absolutely no “concept” of Emperor Hirohito’s (reason) for attacking Pearl Harbor at the time…

attack on Pearl Harbor

..but I’m sure that he had one?

History as our measure provides humanity with more than enough evidence that hostility does not benefit humanity.

Question: What is humanity?


(In its simplest form, ..caring).

According to the “people, Homo sapiens, human beings, mankind and society are all synonyms for humanity.

synonym definition 2

Accordingly, following the theory that we Homo sapiens like balance in our lives, ..for most every synonym, ..there is an antonym…

inhumanity 2

Antonyms for humanity are in part; “Inhumanity, brutality, ill-will, greediness, malevolence, selfishness and stinginess to provide a few.

Of course, being a simple person, ..(my take) on humanity is probably simpler than most…


..putting others before yourself.

Come on, ..really, ..who does that?

God does that !

toys for tots (2)

..via the folks that work for him.

Empathy is an ability like any other ability, if you practice it, you will get better at it.


According to Webster: “em·pa·thy,” n. The understanding of another’s feelings.

I spent bit of my day this morning, as a spend a bit of my day every morning, “viewing” a bit of news, with one of those bits being a report from the chief of police of Ferguson, Missouri, updating the nation on what he and those “responsible” for maintaining the peace in Ferguson are expecting when the Grand Jury finally hands down It’s decision on the Michael Brown shooting.

It is no secret that I have enjoined the public on more than a few occasions in providing (my opinion) on the ills of racism and those that “sadly” profit from it.

The demise of Michael Brown, as sad and unnecessary as it was, (is unequivocally the jurisdiction of the impaneled grand jury to determine) if misconduct was involved in the incident.

The color of an individual’s skin should never be a factor in the determination of a crime, ..or a National election.

Albeit sadly, that is not the case in 21st Century America, as we currently have a progressive socialist ideologue leading this nation for no better (reason) than the color of his skin.

devoted to lunacy

As a constitutional conservative, it is both my opinion and my fervent belief that the job of President of the United States is to maintain the strength and integrity of the nation, …

unfair to poor people

..not to remake America to satisfy something his mother may have told him when he was a child.

you're a loser 3  sig

There’s no sparing way to tell someone that they’ve devoted their life to conjecture and folly.

Truth forges understanding, I’ll be back tomorrow

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