Representation for Dummies..

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According to Webster: “rep·re·sen·ta·tion,” (in context) The state or condition of serving as an official delegate, agent, or spokesperson.

Once again, for those that are “slow to learn or understand,”

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..and/or, according Merriam Webster, the definition of stupid.

America is by law, (the U.S. Constitution), and by tradition, a Republic.

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A republic is a form of government in which power resides in the people and the government is managed by “our” elected representatives according to the law.

The definition of a republic is limited to a government which “excludes” a monarch…

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According to Webster: “mon·arch,” n. The sole and absolute ruler.

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America has a body of employees that make up a group of individuals known to the American public, as the Congress.

Congress, both in legal and traditional terms is respected as the legislative branch.

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Albeit currently, “our” president has seen fit to disregard his oath and disrespect the process and the Constitution.

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America also employs a group of individuals, (employees), a President, a vice President, and a number of cabinet, and/or, (department head) positions known as the executive branch.

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Our founding fathers, (in their wisdom), created a third group to balance the first two, the judicial branch to adjudicate the law.

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Our founding fathers made no provision in our Constitution for a monarch, and/or, a single individual with the power to inflict, and/or, force his or her personal ideology or agenda upon a citizen of this nation.

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Serving as the president of the United States or as a senator or a congressperson is a job, (working for the benefit) of their employers, and/or, “taxpaying American citizens” ..and their dependents, (specifically), ..the taxpayer’s dependents, (not) the government’s dependents.

Constitutionally; the government has no dependents.

The government is responsible to the people that pay their salaries, (no different than any other job), government, or a representative thereof, exists solely to serve the public.


Only responsible people have dependents and only responsible people should work for the government.


The public, and/or, “we the people” do not exist to serve the government or any of its representatives.

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Question: Am I the only person in 21st Century America that has read the U.S. Constitution?

Think about it, I’ll be back tomorrow

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