Big Words..

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Of course, as I am my own sponsor, the following message is from yours truly…

To the individual with whom I was speaking yesterday from WOWWAY, at approximately 1 PM, (a satisfactory solution was reached, thank you).

into the breach 1

Once more into the breach dear friends…


Unequivocal (the word), at the end of the day, is no different than “is, it or was,”’s just a word with a “definition,” and/or, a (fathomable) purpose.

Question: Which one are you? Are you one of the folks that know, and/or, understand the definition of every word in the dictionary and believe that I’m being presumptuous, ..or are you one of the people that don’t know the definition of every word in the dictionary and believe I’m being of assistance?

Either way it doesn’t matter, ..because I win.

Whether you’re congenial or cantankerous, if you use “big words,” human nature dictates that your neighbors will judge you to be “overweening.”

According to Webster: “o·ver·ween·ing,” adj. Arrogant and presumptuous.

Obama - over weenie

America’s number one overweening weenie being a weenie at a lunch counter.

Humpty Dumpty on the wall

Humpty Dumpty was also an overweening weenie…

dumpty - after the fall 1a

Overweening weenies don’t fare well.

My recommendation to those of you who criticize me for using (big words), the library still has a copy of Dick and Jane.

never complained 2

Dick and Jane 3

In summation, and/or (my opinion), those of you who have a problem with “big words” are not Jane’s, are Dick’s.

In closing today, for those of you who are not Dick’s…

faint Jeanine 2

think big

for 2016 2

America’s future is at stake, I’ll be back tomorrow

Crusader Rabbit Logo - COLOR 1a

Crusader Rabbit…


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