Divinity versus Divinity – Part Three..

grass flowers and trees

According to Scripture, (King James Bible), “on the third day God brought forth dry land, grass, flowers and trees.”

Albeit, as I am not a deity, on this (third day), of my series comparing Christianity to Islam, my capacity is limited to the results of my research, truth, (as I believe it to be), and my opinions.

But then hey, “isn’t that what life is really about? 🙂

As an individual who has (not surrendered) his God-given common sense, free will and the ability to think, I believe that as an American citizen I am charged by the Constitution and my Pledge of Allegiance to that Constitution to use my ability with words to inform and warn my neighbors that “contrary” to our current commander in chief’s belief…

at war with Islam  4

at war with Islam 2

Fact: Agents of Isis, (proclaimed representatives of Islam), have with malice and forethought (beheaded) two American citizens on videotape, to chronicle the fact that they, ..Isis, (proclaimed representatives of Islam), are “indeed” at war with America.

Sasha and Melia 2a

(Sasha and Melia Obama).

Conjecture: Do you believe that our “congenial” commander-in-chief would maintain his (insistence) that America is not at war with Islam, if the two American citizens beheaded by Isis were his daughters, Sasha and Melia?


Which of course, with my personal belief that Barack Obama is a devout (closet) Muslim, I (wouldn’t) personally bet on his answer favoring the girls.


Muslims, (from my research), are not as individuals or as a group allowed “freedom of choice” or (free will), when push comes to shove, Allah calls the shots, no exceptions.

Accordingly, it is my personal belief that when the leaders of Isis went to the leaders of the Iraqi military, (which America trained and armed), they didn’t frighten the Iraqi military into deserting their posts and surrendering their arms, Isis simply told them that it was the “will of Allah” and the Iraqi military willingly surrendered.

The current problem in America and with Americans is that (Americans), have forgotten “our” heritage, or, “worse,” we have traded our heritage for the heritage and ideology of an (inert) community organizer.

According to Webster: “in·ert,” adj. Unable to move or act.

Currently in America there are men and women working on a resolution, and/or a cure for cancer. Nevertheless, not one of those men and women have received public acclaim, and/or, acknowledgment for their contribution and effort.

Question: Could it be that Americans across the board no longer see themselves as individuals with purpose or value, does the average American today see himself or herself as obsolete or worse, ..replaceable?

Are there any George Washington’s, Abraham Lincoln’s, or Teddy Roosevelt’s in America’s future?

liberty on the beach

Barack Obama’s agenda, (in my opinion), is summarized in the image above, you can take my word for it, or wait for the book.

Question: So what can be done?

rip him up 2

Real simple: The U.S. Constitution provides that law-abiding citizens are granted the privilege of voting, ..just stop wasting that privilege on folks that make their living by lying.

in God we trust - not Mohammed 2

Our currency chronicles; “In God we trust,” not Mohammed.

At the end of the day, and/or, “the bottom line,” ethnic Arabs that are committed to Islam are the product of 1400 years of inbreeding and living under the thumb of a deity that dictates everything in their life from the time of day they’re required to pray to whom they procreate with.

Question: Without free will and freedom of choice, does life have value?

According to Webster: “val·ue,” (in context) n. A principle, standard, or quality considered worthwhile or desirable.

enigma - Obama

According to Webster: “ver·i·si·mil·i·tude,” n. Something that has the appearance of being true or real.

drunk Obama thumbs up

According to Webster: “re·al,” adj. Being or occurring in fact or actuality; having verifiable existence.

As always, my blather and (my opinion), are my bond. Thus I beseech you to heed my forecast…

where is America going 1a

..the planet of the apes is underway.

Truth forges understanding, I’ll be back tomorrow

Crusader Rabbit Logo - COLOR 1a

Crusader Rabbit…


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