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Think about it, thinking is free and it’s available to everyone from puppies to politicians.

color shouldn't matter

Question: What should matter?

love and loyalty

Of course at the other end of the string, (to keep things fair and balanced), how about a…

Barack Obama

..taste of aggravation?

And what’s more “aggravating” than a President that doesn’t give a damn about the folks that pay his salary?

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Harrison,             Readers Forum – Telling it like it is).

I discovered your blog through a Facebook friend six months ago and I’ve done my best to keep up with your offerings.

How do you do it? I write a daily column for a newspapers in Alaska, not tremendously demanding, I don’t use pictures or graphics and I have an assistant.

You say you have no staff, if that’s true you can’t do what you’re doing.

In my Opinion - Finished

Hello Harrison, thank you for “tagging along” as best you can and thank you for your perspective. Nevertheless, at the risk of shattering your entire belief system, (I am) “unequivocally” the (singular), physical contributor to the production of pearls of profundity.

In reply to your inquiry; “How do I do it? Simple, “imagination combined with insomnia and tenacity.”

And then of course there’s all the help I get from people like you who read my blather and take the time to get involved.

Thank you, drop-in again, Chuck.

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Mildred,                             (Bigotry or Reality).

This article may very well be the best article I’ve ever read describing the ignorance of the human race. I’m 81 years old from Missouri, Missouri was a free state during the Civil War, which if memory serves, was fought to free black folks from slavery, not to provide them with a free pass for eternity.

I voted for Barack Obama because he was well spoken and his message was agreeable and I would have voted for him again if he would’ve delivered on his message, he didn’t and I didn’t.

Black people talk about the struggle in their life for equality, if black folks really wanted to be equal with my children and grandchildren, they’d get a job.

In my Opinion - Finished

Hello Mildred, thank you for visiting my site and thank you for your narrative. With that said, I personally commend you for your commitment to nature and humanity.

According to Webster: “na·ture,” (in context) n. The essential characteristics and qualities of a person or thing:

According to Webster: “hu·man·i·ty,” (in context) n., A quality or an attribute; benevolence.

In my opinion, both (humble and considered), I believe that you have hit the nail directly on the head Mildred.

God bless you and don’t be a stranger, Chuck.

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Carol,                     (The fly in the Islamic Ointment).

When I was 20 years old, in college, I met an exchange student from Iran. He was handsome, not quite as tall as I would’ve liked, however his charisma and the intrigue of being from an Arabian country more than made up for his lack of stature.

Long story short, one of my best girlfriends stole him away from me, they got married and she moved to Iran.

At the time and for a long time afterwards, I hated her with a passion, but now twenty-seven years later I realize that she was indeed my best girlfriend.

In my Opinion - Finished

Hello Carol, thank you for visiting my site and thank you for your narrative…

According to Webster: “in·trigue,” (in context) n. A secret or underhanded scheme.

I was particularly drawn to choose your comments this week by Walter Scott’s epic poem; “Marmion.”

tangled web 2a

Fortunately for you, you were on the favorable side of your friend’s treachery to prove that God does bless us now and then.

Also thank God for Sir Isaac Newton discovering the…

reflection paradigm 2

According to Webster: “par·a·digm,” An example that serves as pattern or model.

I chose Sir Isaac Newton to illustrate my point today instead of Forrest Gump’s mama, primarily because with fall setting in, folks aren’t as active this time of year, so it’s “not fair” to remind them of chocolate. 🙂

Of course I’m rambling, …and that’s because I’ve never had a girlfriend steal a guy from me, I’m out of my depth.

You’ve been great, don’t forget to come back, Chuck.

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Ginger,                 (Deception by any other name).

I’ve been reading your blog for more than two years and I’ve written comments on four occasions prior to today, all before you starting your reader’s forum.

I’m writing today because I was totally blown away by this post and your reply to Alexis. When the occasion allows, you make good use of one thing or another that your father told you, which brings me to question, didn’t your mother ever tell you anything?

It’s a woman’s prerogative to shave a few years off her age if she wants to, when it comes to aging, men and women live in different worlds. After thirty when it concerns our hair, face and body, we don’t want the truth and neither do men.

In my Opinion - Finished

Hello Ginger, thank you for your patronage and thank you for your narrative. At the risk of offending you, one of these days when I have the time I’ll go into “depth” about the difference between (want) and (need).

For the present, let it suffice that I (want) a Learjet and an Enzo Ferrari, ..albeit I (need) a new set of tires for my 13-year-old Tahoe.

Looking forward to your next comment, Chuck.

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Jerrod,                                     (Nurture).

Aren’t you afraid that a Muslim might knock on your door one day and shoot you dead for what you write in your posts?

In my Opinion - Finished

Hello Jerrod, thank you for visiting my site and thank you for your concern.

Although it is my understanding that Christians don’t have 72 virgins waiting for us in the afterlife, at soon-to-be, (Dec. 26), seventy-three years old…

As I walk through life, (not through the Valley of the Shadow of Death), I confidently fear no evil.

Which of course brings to question as to whether or not I believe that Muslims are evil?

To which I would unequivocally reply: “Absolutely not!”

Albeit with that said; “I do “absolutely” believe what Muslims are taught to believe is evil.

Killing a man, woman or child and cutting off their head to please and signify your allegiance to a deity is not only evil, it’s ignorant and beyond humanity.


No child on this planet is born vicious…

According to Webster: “vi·cious,” (In context) Evil, immoral and depraved.

And don’t you forget it, Chuck.

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Doug,                           (Constitutionally Speaking).

Another five-star performance, I’ve been reading your blog since February and although I don’t agree with 100% of what you write, I do agree with you 100% that Judge Jeanine Pirro would make an amazing President.

In my Opinion - Finished

Hello Doug, thank you for your patronage and thank you for your support of my campaign to elect Judge Jeanine, albeit I am not accepting (money) donations for her campaign, I will be expecting you to verbalize on her behalf.

In fact, let’s all get the word out!

Thank you and keep in touch, Chuck.

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Jennifer,                                    (Strawberries).

I love the way you take one thing, a simple thing and make it extremely interesting before picking up your conservative bat to beat some more on the Obama piñata.

As always, looking forward to the coming week, Jen.

In my Opinion - Finished

Hello Jennifer, thank you for visiting my site and thank you for your narrative, your accolades and your anticipation.

I shall definitely endeavor for your approval, Chuck.

Truth forges understanding, I’ll be back tomorrow

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