Bigotry or Reality..

America 1942

Last week I wrote a string of offerings that stemmed from my personal experiences, “explicitly” from my thoughts and from (my opinions).

Spending my formative years in Southern California, which is and was “categorically” a (mecca) for racial diversity, I am as well equipped to speak about racial diversity as “intelligently” as any Homo sapiens on this planet.

According to Webster: “mec·ca,” n. (In context) A place that is regarded as the center of an activity or interest.

Question: Did I have any black friends during my childhood?

Answer: No, pretty much from “birth until the age of five,” my family lived in (military housing), or what was “affectionately” referred to as the projects in Oxnard California.

A period occupying the (time and space) between January 1942 and October of 1945, and/or, World War II.

At the risk of offending and/or shocking some of you? The U.S. Military during World War II was…

segregated 2

Horrifying as that may seem? Black folks, and/or, “Negroes,” although admittedly acknowledged as second-class citizens, “they” weren’t relegated to “internment camps” as Japanese-Americans were.

According to Webster: “rel·e·gat·ed,” Assign to an obscure place, position, or condition.

Japanese internment notice

If by no other measure than history and statistics, Asian folks understand and revere the value of family, while history and statistics provide that folks of African descent are less family-oriented.


unwed teenage mother

Fact: (In America), 73% of African-American babies are born out of wedlock.


let's not advertise it 2

community organizer and chief

Because according to our “Community Organizer ‘n Chief,” it’s (not) “politically correct” to speak about the (free lunch bunch), and his agenda to Robin Hood from “working folks” to (support them), and/or, his constituents.

Right is right and wrong is wrong. I don’t care how needy an individual is, it is “not” the (government’s job) to take money from the pocket of one person and jockey it into the pocket of another.

charity from the heart 2

Charity in “man” comes from the heart, ..not from legislation!

Think about it, I’ll be back tomorrow

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