Violence; Foreign and Domestic..

violence foreign and domestic 1

Although currently politically incorrect to engage in speaking about domestic violence, (except), when race isn’t involved, I choose to…

poking the bear 2

poke the bear 2

..with “reality,” not just at home, but around the globe as well.

So far this week I’ve opinionated on a few areas of violence dealing directly with the treatment of women, “both” here at home and around the globe.

abuse 6

A culture in which men commit violence against women is, at least (in my opinion), dreadful at best…

sharia 1

..and deplorable beyond words at its pinnacle.

sharia 2

Not that we should fault folks for practicing their religion, but there are limits within the parameters of humanity…

at least for some of us 2

stand with the Muslims 3

Question: How ugly does it haves to get?

beheading 2a

as ugly as this 2

no state dinner 2

In all fairness, “for the sake of balance.”

postscript 2

no free passes 2

Think about it, I’ll be back tomorrow

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 Crusader Rabbit…

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