Armed and Dangerous..

armed and dangerous 1

According to Webster: “dan·ger·ous,” adj. (In context) Being able or likely to do harm.

Screw the Middle East, let’s…

stop the killing 1 at home.

a generation in despair 2

I am not holding the south side of Chicago up today as my example of violent communities in America because Chicago is Barack Obama’s hometown.

shot in Chicago (2)

I chose the South side of Chicago as my example because the South side of Chicago is unequivocally the most violent community in America today.

Obama Chicago home 1

The fact that Barack Obama owns a home on the South side of Chicago simply makes the violence more deplorable.

Barack and Michelle partying

“To the rise of (our) Stock” …Viva higer taxes!

In my journey through life, I’ve been in audience to a number of exchanges “where-in” it was claimed that black people are (inherently) violent.

heritage 2

According to Webster: “in·her“ent·ly,” (In context) Intrinsic, essential or characteristic.

Truth: All people are inherently violent, the color of an individual’s skin has nothing to do with it.

natural born killer 2

Question: Is there any “science” to support the suggestion that black people have a (natural) proclivity for violence?

Spear Chucker

(Pure Propaganda).

According to Webster: “pro·cliv·i·ty,” n., A natural propensity or inclination; predisposition. 

All Homo sapiens ( via nature), are predisposed to violence.

Think about it, I’ll be back tomorrow

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Crusader Rabbit…

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