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According to Webster: “se·ri·ous,” (in context) adj. Not trifling or jesting.

deceive - graphic 1

(The folks in charge).

Neither the horrific (in-your-face) “Islamic” beheadings in the Middle East or the disgraceful “unchecked” gang violence in Chicago, are (in my considered opinion), any way shape or form, ..jocular or amusing.

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For those of us that don’t wear our rectums as hat bands, it is understood that war and cruelty are products of the weak. Consideration and gentleness are to be expected only from the competent and the strong.

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Danielle,                         (Forum – If it walks like a duck).

I’ve been a subscriber to your site for a year, so my question for you is, why are you the best kept Secret on the Internet?

This site is not only the most informative site on the Internet, it is the most diverse and honest as well.

I wrote a blog about my family and about my interests last year and I ran out of material and topics after three months, so I also want to know how do you come up with everything you come up with?

I love everything you write.

In my Opinion - Finished

Hello Danielle, thank you for your loyalty, thank you for your narrative and thank you for your accolades.

My secret, (if for whatever reason you missed my offerings in which I explained that I don’t type), as a Septuagenarian with numb digits, I use Nuance’s “magnificent” program; “Dragon Naturally Speaking.”

Which of course for individuals like myself that don’t or can’t manage a keyboard, it is the greatest “provision” since sliced bread. 🙂

With that said; To conform with my policy of “Honesty is the Best Policy,” I am compelled to tell you that as wonderful as Dragon naturally speaking is, “Nuance,” has, (at least for the time being, and/or, temporarily), fallen from grace with me.

A couple of weeks ago, (or thereabout), I was contacted by a company customer service representative eager to sell me the new version 13, “NaturallySpeaking,” which of course as a longtime satisfied customer, “I did.” Then after it failed to install on my computer, (they), informed me that version 13 doesn’t work with Windows Vista, ..Duh!

I’ve been using Dragon since version 10, and/or, for the last 3 ½ years, so I have a lengthily customer profile, so at least in my opinion, (they), should have known I use Vista.

Thank you for letting me share that with you, I feel so much better now. 🙂

Now to your question; As I have heralded on more than one, and/or, “many” occasions, writing, and/or blogging, is simply about using words in a configuration that conveys I thought.

As to how I derive at my topics, and/or, subject matter, being a constitutional conservative that is totally at odds, and/or, opposed to the policies of our current administration, the lion share of my blather is political and anti-progressive liberal.

I believe in “self-reliance” and “personal responsibility” and in the doctrine that; …

if it ain't broke 2

Thank you again for being a part of my journey, Chuck.

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Nathan,                                 (Family Oriented).

Along with your reality and wisdom, I enjoy your imagination and your sense of humor. Don’t change a thing and one day there could be a plaque somewhere celebrating your literary achievements.

I stumbled across your site three weeks ago and let me tell you, of all the sites I have stumbled across, there is nothing even close to yours.

In my Opinion - Finished

Hello Nathan, thank you for stumbling across my site and for your ego expanding accolades.

According to Webster: “change,” (in context) To be different.

Question: (alluding to the adage); “You can’t teach an “old dog” new tricks, if I were different, (common sense dictates), that I wouldn’t be me…

Chuck - Black hat 7a

..and if I weren’t me, .well you get the idea.

Drop by anytime, it’s been a pleasure, Chuck.

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Felicia,               (Why do so many Americans own Guns).

My father’s name is on the Vietnam wall, his name is scribed on the wall because my father believed in America and in the Constitution.

I have two sons, both have served in Afghanistan and in Iraq and they are both ready to return to keep our rights in tact.

My sons are not afraid to die for their country, which is the way a true American should feel about this country. Wouldn’t it be grand if we had a President that felt the same?

In my Opinion - Finished

Hello Felicia, thank you for visiting my site and thank you for your narrative.

If you’ve read my blather for any length of time, then you are aware of my opinion of the Obama administration, if not, ..let me size it up for you in a nutshell; “I categorically believe that the American government was discontinued in 2008, and will be back in business in 2016 if the country votes with its head instead of its desire for free stuff.

When I advocate for America and the Constitution with my words, my thoughts and my opinions, I’m not advocating for myself, I’m advocating for you, your children, your grandchildren and hopefully their grandchildren.

Although my journey through life hasn’t been a “yellow brick road,” it hasn’t been a briar patch either. My parents brought me up to deal with life as it arrives, understanding that some days there would be a candy bar, and some days there’d just be the wrapper.

When I was a young man I took full advantage of the Second Amendment and although I still maintain a “respectable” gun collection, ..I exercise my right to “Keep and Bear Arms” ..far less these days, to exercise my right to “free speech” and my right to “freedom of the press.”

Although my legs will still carry me through my local grocery store, they no longer respond to let’s go up that mountain. 🙂

Drop-in anytime, Chuck.

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Aaron,                              (The Weight of Words).

Question: Do you actually believe that your blog and your “minted” clichés are making a difference in the world ?

In my Opinion - Finished

 Hello Aaron, thank you for visiting my site and thank you for your question.

Absolutely, the reason you don’t get it, is because you’re an academic. Academics are brainwashed “units” of society that don’t get anything that doesn’t originate from someone with a certificate of accomplishment from somewhere?

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Avery,                             (The Weight of Words).

Great read, great graphics and a great message, although I believe you may have pushed the envelope a bit too far for the fairer sex. 🙂

Good luck with that.

In my Opinion - Finished

Hello Avery, thank you for visiting my site and thank you for your narrative and thank you for your opinion.

With that said; the best I can do is tell you that I call ‘em like I see ‘em…

Windsor Castle

..and although I received enough chiding email to wallpaper Windsor Castle, I stick by what I said.

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Gary,                                     (Superficial).

I’ve been reading your blog for about six months now, not every day, more like twice a week, but I always catch up on what I miss.

I served two terms in Iraq and one in Afghanistan, so when I say the only thing in the Middle East worth spending U.S. tax dollars to kill would be their sand fleas.

As far as the rest of them go, if we leave them alone, I agree with you, they’ll do a fine job of killing each other.

In my Opinion - Finished

Hello Gary, thank you for your patronage and thank you for your narrative.

I served in Vietnam, America’s first war for commerce, so I appreciate your understanding of the insanity of fighting and killing people for no other reason than to fight and kill people.

War, (at least in the real world,) is prosecuted for conquering an adversary. If a nation owns nothing but debt and broken bodies at the end of its campaign, what was accomplished?

According to Webster: “ac·com·plish·ment,” n. Something completed successfully; an achievement.

think about it folks 2

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Roberta,                                 (With Utmost Care).

Thank you for writing about domestic violence and Obama’s indifference to everything except himself and the ignorant bastards that voted for him. I started reading your blog two weeks ago when I moved in with my brother and his wife after fifteen years of putting up with my abusive husband.

Yeah I know, you want to know why I stayed with an abusive man for fifteen years? I used to tell people it was because I loved him and my children needed a father. The simple truth, I was more afraid to be alone than I was to be with him.

I just wanted you to know that I’ve learned more about life from reading your blog these last two weeks than I have in the last twenty years.

I read your blog now every morning before breakfast and it gets me through the day. Thank you thank you thank you.

In my Opinion - Finished

According to Webster: “a·lone,” adj. Being apart from others.

Which of course, (all things considered), that sounds really bleak. So it’s a good thing that Merriam-Webster followed that with; “Being without equal; unique.”

Hello Roberta, thank you for joining my little congregation, I will try to live up to your expectations. Albeit, life being what it is, I make no guarantee other than “no harm” will come to you here.

Please don’t be a stranger, Chuck.

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Davenport,                 (Elementary my Dear Whoever).

As an active duty Marine I would appreciate it if you would withhold my duty station.

Being diplomatic, let me say that I and the guys I serve with hold Barack Obama in less than appropriate esteem.

In my Opinion - Finished

Hello Davenport, thank you for visiting my site and thank you for your narrative. With that said; (It is my considered opinion that you have been extremely diplomatic).

Hooraw…   Chuck.

Truth forges understanding, I’ll be back tomorrow

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