Elementary my dear whoever, or…

elementary whatever 2

According to Webster: “el·e·men·ta·ry,” adj. Of, relating to, or constituting the basic, essential, or fundamental part.

Question: (for those of you with an actual interest), what is the most basic, essential and fundamental part of America?

To which of course (in my opinion), would categorically be…

the American people 2

Which of course, (again in my opinion), would unequivocally and categorically “eliminate” any and all “hyphenated” people, such as individuals insistent upon referring to themselves as African-Americans, Mexican-Americans, Asian-Americans, and so on, etc.

Historical and undeniable fact; “A nation is no better or no worse than it’s people.”

Another historical and undeniable fact; “Governments do not create nations.”

people create Nations 2

Question: If people create Nations, (what) do “governments” do?

To which of course the answer is pliant; A government either respects the people that created it, or they (the government), disrespects the people that created it…

Obama eating like an animal

..and has the people for lunch.

Personal opinion: “No one in America’s 238 year history has challenged and disrespected the U.S. Constitution more than our current commander-in-chief, Barack Hussein Obama.”

Who by choice is a…

hyphenated individual 2

Historical and undeniable fact; America (was not) created by “hyphenated people,” America was “unequivocally” created by people that were simple and proud, ..proud to “simply” be American-Americans.

The bottom line, (at least for those of us who believe in and support the U.S. Constitution); …

If you don’t believe that America is the greatest nation on the planet and that Christianity, capitalism and a free market are preferable to socialism or communism, then you should seek out a nation or “seaport” that subscribes to another religion, socialism and communism and let those of us that believe in (freedom and free enterprise) get on with “our” lives.

Barack Obama is not America, nor is he and his ideology an element of America. Obama proves himself time after time to be anti-American, disrespectful and unrepentantly unpatriotic as demonstrated by…

coffee salute

..“saluting” his Marine guard with a coffee in his hand.

According to Webster: “el·e·ment,” A fundamental, essential, or irreducible constituent of a composite entity.

Fact; The hand salute is a display of respect that is given to honor another.

Obama hands 2

Another fact; Barack Obama has two hands and if he were a thoughtful and honorable person he would have transferred his coffee from his right hand to his left prior to saluting.

According to Webster: “hon·or,” High respect, as that shown for special merit; esteem.

Editorial: I don’t speak for anyone but myself and with that understood; (in my most impassioned opinion), Marines are exceptional and honorable Americans that deserve respect and recognition for their dedication and service to America, which doesn’t include being saluted with a coffee.

Barack Obama

Barack Obama and…

US Marine Corps

..the Marine Corps are both employed by the U.S. taxpayers.

Question: In your mind and in your heart of hearts, which (in your considered opinion) has contributed more to America?

A parting thought to ponder; “When the people provide the flour, the people should get an equal slice of the cake.

Truth forges understanding, I’ll be back tomorrow

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