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According to Webster: “su·per·fi·cial,” adj. (In context) Trivial; insignificant.

Question: Is the American taxpayer (again) doomed to generations of servitude to satisfy the lust of the elite?

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It is advertised, “conservatively,” that the Rothschild family is currently worth between $350 billion and $400 billion dollars.

Which of course, to an individual like myself who struggles month-to-month on the pittance from Social Security, doled out to me by a shameless corrupt government that has been robbing America blind since they broke their covenant with the working class and attached the Social Security fund to the general fund of the U.S. Treasury.

Which they, our shameless corrupt greedy elitists Congress voted in 1913, to “illegally” contract their “constitutional duty” to (print and value) America’s coin and currency to a private corporation, i.e., “The Federal Reserve Banking System,” a private corporation owned (more than half), by “non-citizens” of the United States.

That my friend, is unequivocally the definition of…

obscenity 2

According to Webster: “ob·scene,” (in context) adj. Offensive to accepted standards of decency.

Although I wholeheartedly concur that our current distraction,

Isis troops an undesirable element to share the planet with, it is my “considered opinion” that America should get its own house in order before we, “the American taxpayers,” spend another bunch of billions ridding the Middle East of their schoolyard bullies.

Of course, if Barack Obama and all five hundred and thirty-five members of the Congress want to take on a second job to pay for more folly in Iraq and Afghanistan, hey I’m behind them, otherwise I think we should put our airplanes back in their hangers and let Islam sorted “their” differences out for themselves.

Think about it, I’ll be back tomorrow

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