Why do so many Americans own Guns..

because we can 2 sig

Second Amendment - graphic 2a

Our founding fathers were decent men with foresight and a proclivity for opportunity and freedom, America (is) and has always been…

about freedom 2

A commodity that you can’t find on the shelf at Walmart, or in the medicine cabinet of a far left progressive Democrat.

no freedom here 4

For me personally, I find nothing more depressing, and/or, “oppressing” than a cabinet full of pharmaceuticals.


As a matter of fact, pondering over the last six years, I’m in conflict as to which has become more oppressive, petroleum products or pharmaceuticals?


stop or I will shoot

At 72 years of age, I have yet to be the recipient of a tale in which an individual under threat of death or worse, protected themselves from harms way with hope.

self-reliance 3

Self-reliance (is) personal responsibility.

personal responsibility 2

In America, “thank God” you have a choice.

Think about it, I’ll be back tomorrow

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Crusader Rabbit…

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