Loose lips sink ships..

loose lips still sink ships 2

The phrase was true in World War II

Isis murderers 1

..and it’s still true today.

People are dying, and/or, (more correctly) being “murdered,” both Christian and Muslim by a gathering of rubbish from the middle East and from around the world, (rubbish) that has no place, no past and no future…

According to Webster: “rub·bish,” Garbage; worthless refuse.

American rubbish 1

(American rubbish).

Can anyone out there in this great big beautiful world tell me what makes an individual abandon, or, forsake their nation?

absolutely 2

In a nutshell, and/or, (in my opinion), it’s all about expansion and exploration, (an innate trait), deeply seated in every one of us.

Homo sapiens, and/or, (humans), from the beginning of time have been curious animals. We have always wanted “more” without completely understanding what (more) is.

According to Webster: “more,” adj. A comparative of many.

Which, to an individual “without” a dictionary or a thesaurus could be extremely confusing.

Example: Alluding to my thesaurus, I am instantly besieged with alternatives from “additional” to “other.” More can mean new, fresh, further, extra, greater, besides and better.

art words fun 2

Well, they are to me, albeit on rare occasions I find a word that isn’t fun, in fact some words can be downright irritating, words like…

progressive 2

change America 2


I’d like to take a brief moment here if I may? ..to hold a short class. A class on government, to hopefully reestablish some pertinent information as to how a Republic works?

According to Webster: “re·pub·lic,” (in context) n. A political order in which the supreme power lies in a body of citizens who are entitled to vote for officers and representatives.

Question: Who among you reading the preceding definition from Webster’s dictionary “believe” that you need a Harvard education to understand what a Republic is?

America has a long-standing “founding” document, ..the U.S. Constitution, composed by fifty-six worldly and intellectually competent men, a great many of whom took to arms to make America and smart phones possible. The U.S. Constitution is not a box of “Tinker Toys” to be reorganized by a hired hand.

Class is out…

immigrant grandparents 2

History; My great grandparents immigrated to America from Germany to be Americans. My grandfather, “Charlie” was an American. My father was an American. Accordingly, (at least to my recollection), when I was a child, everyone in America was an American.

There were no African-Americans, there were no Mexican-Americans, there were no Asian Americans or Vietnamese Americans or Korean Americans or Chinese-Americans or French, Italian, Spanish, Bulgarian or Arab-Americans.

Americans were Americans 1

Question: Does anyone know who actually started the racial divide in America?

black people disadvantaged 2

How about this guy?

Truth forges understanding, I’ll be back tomorrow

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