Question of the Day, America’s Eagles..

America's Eagles 3

First World War, and/or, the “Great War,” was a global war centered in Europe that began on 28, July 1914 and lasted until 11, November 1918.

A question for those of you that don’t remember your history, and/or, failed the class…

Who was the President of United States in 1914?

Thomas Woodrow Wilson

(Thomas Woodrow Wilson – in office – 1913 – 1921).

Question: Was Woodrow Wilson an American Eagle?

absolutely not 5

In (my personal opinion), I would place, Woodrow Wilson on the page with “vultures,” as the record provides that he did not enter the first world war until 1917, the last nation on the planet to throw it’s hat in the ring.

Eddie Rickenbacker 1a

(Eddie Rickenbacker – World War I Ace).

At the outbreak of the war, the United States pursued a policy of non-intervention, avoiding conflict while trying to broker a peace.

When a German U-boat sank the British liner RMS Lusitania on 7,  May 1915, with 128 Americans among the dead, (Pres. Woodrow Wilson) insisted that “America is too proud to fight” but demanded an end to attacks on passenger ships.

Germany complied. Wilson unsuccessfully tried to mediate a settlement. However, he also [repeatedly warned] …


sound familiar


..that the United States “would not tolerate” unrestricted submarine warfare, in violation of international law.

The former president Theodore Roosevelt denounced German acts as “piracy”.

Wilson was narrowly reelected in 1916 as his supporters emphasized “he kept us out of war”.


sound familiar


Question: (conjecture), what would the result of World War One have been if  Wilson would’ve committed the full force and resources of America to the Allies in 1914?

Harry S Truman

(Harry S Truman, – in office – 1945 – 1953).

definitely 1

Question: Did Harry “end” World War II, or did Harry “end” World War II?

Enola Gay 3

(Enola Gay delivered “Atom bomb” – codename “Little Boy”).

Question: Did “Little Boy” kill innocent civilians?

absolutely not 5

In 1945 Americans were a united population that understood that a population that supports the “ideology and aggression” of their leaders is not an innocent population.

On June 25, 1950, the Korean War, erupted into conflict over (political and ideological) differences between “North Korea and South Korea,” supported by the Soviet Union and China for the North and with United States and the United Nations supporting the South.

Question: Can anyone tell me the outcome of the Korean War?

superior airpower 2

America with superior airpower forced a truce.

Truth: there has never been an outcome to the Korean War, American military troops still serve on the DMZ.

The Vietnam War, (known in Vietnam), “logically” as (the American war), began “unofficially” on November 1, 1955.

surprise 1

Because our (general population) believes that it began in 1963 with the death of John F. Kennedy and the ascension to the throne by Lyndon Baines Johnson.

Lyndon Johnson 2

(Lyndon B Johnson – in office – 1963 – 1969).

Hawk absolutely

As a (bona fide), constitutionally (conscripted), participant in the Vietnam War, I can “categorically,” and truthfully testify to the fact that Vietnam was a war for commerce, (not ideology or security).

We did not fight to capture or secure any territory other than that, that was allotted to us. We simply killed people and with Monsanto’s help we destroyed tens of thousands of acres of (oxygen producing) native foliage without a single complaint from an environmental group.

Cutting to the chase…

Americans are, (categorically) “superior” when it comes to killing people…

American Revolutionary war

(in war), …

drive-by shooting

..and (domestically).

America was “unequivocally” born in war and baptized in blood and no articulation by anyone can change that.

Obama not at war

I personally hold a high disdain for war, albeit with that said; when war is inevitable, I side with Larry the cable Guy; …

let's get 'er done 2a

Truth forges understanding, I’ll be back tomorrow

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