Isis angst..

According to Webster: “angst,” n. (In context) A feeling of anxiety or apprehension.

More apprehension in the news over the weekend that Isis, “this week’s threat,“ and/or, middle eastern mischief maker’s have Saudi Arabia’s billionaire King Abdul “nervous” enough to take a break from his harems and solid gold Rolls-Royces to personally worn the folks in Europe and in America that if something isn’t done about Isis, ..and “real” soon, they, Isis will be in Europe in one month and in the U.S. a month later.

If indeed, (at least in my considered opinion), “King Abdul” is concerned, he is not concerned for the welfare or well-being of the people in Europe or in America, he’s concerned about his fellow musims in Isis drinking sweet tea or peach nectar from his boiled out skull.

King Abdul, (as mentioned previously), is a billionaire and as a billionaire King Abdul wants for nothing. Which of course means that King Abdul “ideed” has everything he wants,(at least to this point) in his life.

What King Abdul doesn’t have, (at this point), in his life is a guarantee that he will continue to have everything, because “Isis” is (at his door).

Question: Is this an “unusual circumstance” for a tyrant with wealth?

Not in the least, “historically” the King Midas’s of the world have always fallen to those that (they) gleaned their wealth from, and/or, those of us considered to be common stock.

A king without a head has no more jurisdiction than a news reporter without a head.


Truth forges understanding, I’ll be back tomorrow

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