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According to Webster: “im·age,” (in context) n. An earned or deserved representation of character.

Question: How can anyone represent anyone, or a “Nation,” when he, she or they don’t have the (intellectual capacity) to express themselves competently without a Teleprompter?

Without a Teleprompter, Barack Obama’s oratory skills are (indeed), that of a mumbling stumbling stuttering frightened four-year-old.


Harold from Gloucester,             (Love thy Neighbor).

I began reading your blog on Tuesday and so far I’ve found it to cover Obama both jocularly and frightening, great job. I can hardly wait for tomorrow, thank you for the great read.


Hello Harold, thank you for visiting my site and thank you for your comment and your accolade. I enjoy “humor” and use it often to inform America’s population just how “un-humorous” Barack Obama in the Oval Office actually is.

Although neither Barack Obama, nor Isis has the capacity to eliminate America from the world stage, which (in my opinion), is the intention of both, neither has the ability, (intellectually or physically), to get the job done.

Albeit they both “currently” have the reach to do great harm.


Tamara from Carson,   (What is Amazing and what is Not).

I’ve been following your website since January so my first question in my first comment is; when are you going to start putting the graphics and pictures in again?

The last thing I want to do is hurt your feelings, but reading your articles without your graphics and pictures is like going to a beach without an ocean.


Hello Tamara, thank you for your sponsorship and thank you for your narrative. With that said; “I totally agree with you.”

For me, (being denied the use of my imagination), is not only like going to a beach without an ocean, it’s like being locked in a dark place without either.


Willie from Fort Lewis,             (And the beat goes on).

A lot of us here read your blog and all of us want to know when it’s going to go back to the way it was? If your provider can’t fix what’s wrong, get a new provider.


Hello Willie, thank you for appreciating my blather and thank you for your service. With that said; Leaving my post wasn’t an option when I was in the Army and I’m still that same guy, just a hell-of-a-lot older. Chuck.


April from Newberry Park,             (Yesterday),

As a longtime reader, more than two years, I want Crusader Rabbit back, I don’t like Darth Lepus, he looks too much like someone that would belong to Isis.


Hello April, thank you for patronizing my site and thank you for your narrative.


Crusader Rabbit Logo - COLOR 1a

 Crusader Rabbit…


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