Question of the Day, – America vs Isis ?

On the news this morning, one talking head “explicating” to another; “Do you think Obama will take action against Isis?

Question: Are America’s “mainstream media” talking heads out to lunch?

Being familiar with Barack Obama’s “Moxie” as I am, is beyond me why his (devoted disciples) in the “mainstream media” could be so “cavalier,” ..and/or, “stupid” to field such a question.

According to Webster: “mox·ie,” n. Slang. The ability to face difficulty with spirit and courage.

Of course America is (not) going to “challenge” Isis, ..think about it? How embarrassing that would be for America, a nation of [three hundred and fifteen hundred million] people with the most advanced military technology and weapons on the planet led by a “wimpy” commander-in-chief who has yet to cross one of his red lines in the sand.

I can see the headlines now…

Handful of ragtag Arabs with AK-47s defeat America !

An Army is only as strong as its leader and when you have a “commander-in-chief” that has unequivocally pledged; …

“America is not at war with Islam, ..and America will never be at war with Islam.”’re “defeeted” before you begin, and/or, (more correctly), with Isis, and/or,  the ” Islamic State,”’re “BEHEADED.”

Truth forges understanding, I’ll be back tomorrow

Darth Lepus 1



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