Work of Fiction..

For more than three years now I have been on a crusade to inform and “warn” the American public concerning the lack of (substance) that makes up America’s current commander-in-chief.

According to Webster: “sub·stance,” (in context) That which is solid and practical in character, quality, or importance.

Barack Obama, (in his entirety), is a work of fiction. From his childhood, (that in reality) was dominated by “socialist and communist” propaganda delivered daily by his self acclaimed atheist/communist mother and his card-carrying communist grandparents.

Religion, (if indeed he actually believes in anything beyond himself), by the law of “human nature” (in his marrow and in his heart), Obama is a Muslim.

Study after study into the “phenomenon” of (human nature), provides that Homo sapiens, and/or, human beings, are in their (marrow) and in their hearts, predominantly influenced by the knowledge they acquire between birth and the age of seven.


Between his birth in the age of seven, Barack Obama was tossed back and forth between his atheist/communist mother and his atheist/communist grandparents.


Barack Obama’s father was a Muslim as was his mother’s second husband, Lolo Soetoro, his stepfather.


While living in Jakarta, Indonesia, Barack Obama attended an “exclusive” Muslim elementary school. A school that did “not” allow the enrollment of (Christians), or anyone outside the Islamic faith.


Whenever Barack Obama is addressing an audience with an Islamic presence, he has never failed to greet the Muslims in the room in Arabic.


Which, at least (in my humble opinion), is on the same plane as having a Spanish-speaking barista and a Polish wedding.


Fiction, albeit favored by the Lions share of “Homo sapiens” with the ability to read, (to include myself), ..fiction is not a wise choice to manage the affairs of a nation.

Imagine Charlie Brown, or Lucy balancing your checkbook?

In my teens I was a devout reader of Zane Grey and Ernest Hemingway as they both took me to places where I wanted to be after a day of mucking through derivatives, punctuation and participles.

Fantasy and imagination are “unequivocally,” or, (without a doubt), powerful magnets to those of us that live in the real world, as the real world can be (frightening and dangerous), especially when the real world is “governed” by imagination and fantasy.

An American died this week for no other reason than to prove that America’s current commander-in-chief is a fraud.

Truth forges understanding, I’ll be back tomorrow

Darth Lepus 1


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